The Juetta West™ brand is a unique company creating distinctive products. Every style bridges the void between fitness wear and fashion. Our styles function as stand alone fashion, high performance fitness wear, lounge wear or travel wear.  This versatility is what distinguishes the Juetta West™ brand from other activewear brands.  How do we do that? Read on to learn how.

Reformer Jacket

Fitness or Fashion?

Fitness wear, including that from the Juetta West™ brand, is designed for functional performance. To get that performance, it all starts with the fabric. It requires specialized fabrics with 4 way stretch to provide compression, moisture wicking to transport sweat away from the body for quick evaporation, and temperature regulation for peak performance. In creating the Juetta West brand products, we are relentless in our pursuit of attaining the highest level of performance under the most demanding circumstances.  The only way to accomplish that is with the use of the highest quality performance fabrics. 

Fashion on the other hand is totally focused on style and the use of fabrics that feel and look luscious. At Juetta West™, we also recognized these requirements and have incorporated the highest quality performance fabrics with the hand feel of fabrics used in high end fashion. 


Our Fabric

Time and time again, women wearing our styles comment on the fabric with phrases like "this is the best fabric I've ever felt", "it feels like butter", and "it feels like a second skin it's so comfortable".
Our fabrics are the highest quality performance fabrics.  We use a special type of nylon. This blend is one of the most comfortable fabrics you will ever feel. It is a technical fabric with a fashion side. The hand feel and finish has a soft luscious feel and is twice as soft as most other fibers, thus giving a high degree of comfort.  But this special nylon blend works hard when you’re working out. It excels at moisture wicking, an imperative for fitness wear, drying 8 times faster than natural fibers such as cotton. This nylon blend is made of extremely strong fibers which enables the production of fabrics that are three times as resilient as those made from natural fibers. It is 20% lighter than most other fabrics with same density providing the feel of a second skin.

We also incorporate mesh fabrics into our styles. These fabrics are also designed to provide that “airy” feel with quick evaporation and moisture wicking. This mesh is so beautiful with its tight knit that few will recognize it as a performance fabric.

Luxurious Fabric


Fashion Trims

Better trims mean better product. Our notions and trims are of the highest fashion quality. We specify zippers, one of a garment’s most critical components, from the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality zippers. Our bindings include those used in high-end runway looks. When you try on a Juetta West™ style, you may wonder, is this fashion or is this fitness wear? The answer is, yes. It is both. Fashion is derived from the designer style of the catwalk and the luscious, high quality feel of the fabrics. The fitness wear performance comes from our function, fit and technical fabrics. Whether you're in the locker room or the boardroom, Juetta West™ styles crossover with ease. We know this combination is unique, and we feel you will too! This is fashion | sport | chic.

Made in USA

The Juetta West™ brand is 100% Made in USA. We use textiles from the USA as well. We recognize the benefits of domestic manufacturing and believe you will too. We are proud to offer you high quality hand crafted designs made with state of the art manufacturing processes and artisanal attention to detail. The benefits include providing jobs to our citizens to strengthen our economy, faster turnaround on reorders, as well as ease of quality oversight and communication. We are proud to support the USA!





A Company Founded by a Woman Just for Women.

Juetta West™ was founded by a fashion professional with a passion for fashion and fitness. As a woman, founder Juetta West feels that she can understand your needs and desires the best, but she will never presuppose that she can’t learn from you, the customer.

We searched across the USA as well as Asia for a manufacturer that understood our needs but also represented the same entrepreneurial spirit as our woman founded company. We are fortunate to be able to say that our styles are fabricated with a similar spirit to Juetta West. Turn It On® women of the world!


Founder Juetta

Our Pricing

Because we design and manufacture our own styles and sell directly to you, we can offer you pricing that is a refreshing alternative to prices seen on fashion brands. Designer styling in fitness wear is nearly unheard of, but with the Juetta West™ brand, you not only get top quality performance apparel, but also fashion runway styling that provides the value of two uses from one garment. That’s right, our crossover fashion, which mixes our styles with your wardrobe, propels you from the studio to the street with convenience, time-savings, and the knowledge that you look your best from morning to night. Visit our Crossover Gallery to see for yourself how easy it is to enjoy your own all day style.
Efficiency – Our styles offer a degree of versatility that is more than conceptual - instead crossover is built into every product’s design creating efficiency for travel and time saving convenience that today's modern woman is looking for.  There is a duality of function: fashion, fitness, or both with all our styles. 
Cost-Effectiveness – The Juetta West™ products are designed to complement and enhance a woman’s existing wardrobe when used as a crossover. This adds value to the apparel that you already own. Additionally retail price points for Juetta West products are easily justified because you get more wear and function from every product you buy.  In addition our styles are not seasonal adding further value.  

The Juetta West™ Community

Here at the Juetta West™ brand, we aspire to inspire. We look for ways to share fashion tips, crossover ideas, fitness tips, nutritional knowledge and inspirational sayings to bring out the best of the best from your inner self. Visit our Girl Talk blog for this inspiration or visit one of our retail stores to see the magical fusion of luxury designer activewear with fashions and accessories. Always remember that we are never getting…….shhhhhhh! (older).  YOU ARE AGELESS!


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Juetta West

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