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Exercise….. can there be too much of a good thing? I’m the type of person that when I commit myself to something, I give it a 100%. That’s good in most situations, but I do know one thing when it comes to fitness routine. I have a stop button that sometimes needs to be pushed. Why you ask? Because when your body screams “no more please, let’s take a break”, you should listen.

Juetta Exercise Motivation

Juetta Exercise Motivation

The old adage “no pain, no gain” was most likely written by a very troubled person. So troubled that they continue to say things like “you have to bust your butt if you want to be in great shape”. But is there such a thing as too much exercise? You bet. Sometimes you need to back off from exercise and take it easy in order to keep making progress. The more fit and strong you become, the more recovery you need. Of course, everyone’s different. Attaching a hard-and-fast definition of what is “too much” can be difficult. Here are some obvious signs that can tell you your body needs a break.

Juetta Pilates Exercise

Juetta Pilates Exercise


If you’re wondering whether you exercise too much, you’re probably the type of fitness wonder woman who gets excited just thinking about heading to the gym or studio. But if you suddenely feel the absence of motivation or that exercise isn’t exciting, there’s a good chance you need to take a break. Instead, skip a day or two and join your BFF for a cup of joe.


While new research has debunked the notion that an evening workout can mess with your sleep, there is evidence that a super-tough exercise program can promote insomnia. When you really push yourself physically during exercise, the stress your workout subjects your body to can increase certain hormones, such as cortisol. Elevated levels of these hormones can leave you tossing and turning. I’ve never been a proponent of working out at night. For me, exercising at night increases my energy level, leaving me watching the clock tick at every second. Not a good thing!


Experienced athletes keep a close watch on their resting heart rate. Why? It’s a good measure of your aerobic fitness. Even if you’re not a serious athlete, checking your resting heart rate first thing in the morning can help you avoid overdoing it at the gym. When your exercise exceeds the healthy level, your resting heart rate will jump up dramatically. This is the best monitor for me. If I’m tired and the ole mojo isn’t kicking in, I track my heart rate to confirm my thoughts. If it’s high, today is a day I need to RELAX…


No pun intended! If the exercise routines you normally breeze through suddenly seem super difficult, that’s a strong sign your muscles or nervous system are crying out for a break. Or, if your body feels unusually heavy or sluggish, it may be that too much exercise is the culprit. Trust me on this one, you’ll feel this sensation.  It’s obvious.  Your body is trying to tell you. Listen and know it’s a sign to walk away. Normally you may think, “I need to exercise to feel energized,” but too much can do the opposite and suggest you’ve over-trained and are overly tired. Instead, find a quiet spot, sit and be still. Let your body enjoy that peace. It may renew you.


Moderation is the key to a healthy body. All of the above signs are short-term red flags. But too much vigorous exercise may be bad for your health in the long-term. Be mindful and follow any warning signs that may arise. Your body is the best barometer to tell you to slow up, not a trainer. Pushing to the limit is a wonderful feeling, but not when all of the signs I’ve mentioned are plaguing you. Take time out and chill.

All of this advice is easier said then done but definitely needs to be integrated into your exercise. To achieve the results your aiming for, don’t ignore these warning signs. Hug your body and treat it well.

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Juetta West

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