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Quality? What does quality mean exactly?   Mr. Webster says, “Quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of similar kind; the degree of excellence of something”.  Do you think about quality when you are purchasing fashion? And how much would you pay for quality?  Or do you consider only price?  In fashion today, it seems that quality has become secondary to price and our society is settling for “short cut” clothing.  Recognizing the quality versus price dilemma is one of the first things that a consumer should ponder.

Fast Fashion

Fashion, in particular, has become inundated with “fast fashion”.  This type of fashion is all about the latest trends and has nothing to do with quality.  To produce the latest trends rapidly requires short cuts.  And that means quality suffers.  Price now becomes the king.

Fast Fashion $12.90 ? QualityForever 21 is one of the most popular fast fashion sites.  They meet the needs of many.  Some consumers recognize this trade off in price versus quality.  In some cases, it means they will discard the product after several washes because the fabric or sewing falls apart and no longer looks fresh.  However this consumer doesn’t care because there is a new trend and a new product out several months later that follows an ever so newer trend. And guess what?  That consumer is all over it and is happy with her new trendy look.

Classic Styling

On the other hand, there is fashion that doesn’t rely on trends but focuses on classic and iconic styling that has been around for decades. 

Quality Donna Karan ClassicYears later these styles look as fresh when pulled from the closet as the day they were purchased.  This fashion looks new years later only if the workmanship and fabrics are top quality.  So again, decide up front whether you’re trendy or classic.

Fitness Fashion

In the fitness fashion world, there are many criteria that determine quality.  One of the primary criteria is the fabric.  Why are there capri pants that cost $39 and others that cost over $100?.  Just like the grocery store,  one needs to look at the label.  In clothing, it is the law that there is a “care and content” label.  Look for it.  It may be hidden, but it’s required to be there.  If it says polyester or polyamide, that’s one clue that the garment uses less expensive fabric.  Polyester tends to retain heat.  In the world of fitness, that’s a no no.  Moisture wicking can help dissipate the heat, but it won’t work as well as with other fabrics such as nylon.  Cotton is another fabric that doesn’t lend itself to the world of fitness.  It retains perspiration and makes the wearer uncomfortable.  Some brands try to hide the fabric content by calling it a proprietary name you won’t recognize.  Dig deeper, you’ll find the true fabric on that little label required by law.  One of the highest quality fabrics for fitness fashion is nylon.  Look for nylon that has the hand feel of fashion.  Soft, silky and with good stretch is usually the best quality fabric.  Moisture wicking that transports sweat from the body to the surface of the fabric for rapid evaporation is a must. The inner fibers of a good fabric transport moisture outward towards the more absorbent finer filament of the outer layer, where evaporation occurs quickly. 

Turn It On Quality Fabrics

Turn It On Quality Fabrics

At Turn It On®, we use a specialty nylon fiber with a finish that creates garments that are supplely smooth, breathable, soft and ultra lightweight.  This special nylon is at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than other fibers. It also dries in 1/8th the time that cotton takes to dry. Besides being lightweight and silky soft, this nylon fiber is strong. In fact, this nylon is 3 times stronger than natural fibers such as cotton.  This fabric also stretches 100% of its original length, yet returns to its resting state time and time again without stretching out. If you care for this fabric correctly, there is never any pilling or stretching out. The quality of a fabric fiber like this costs more. But in the end, when it’s combined with those classic and iconic styling elements, your closet will never go out of style. 

So the next time you look for fitness fashion, first make the decision whether you’re looking for price or quality. Next, check the care/content label to see if you’re getting your money’s worth.  Lastly, TRY IT ON!  Quality fabrics feel different, like a second skin, yet so comfortable, you will forget you have them on.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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