Workout Clothes with Lace?

After seeing masculine trends rule the runway for so long, we are now officially embracing our feminine side. We have seen that in the bright colors and prints that rule the runway in addition to the fabrication. Lace has become very popular recently. It’s seen in unusual places and in colors that keep it modern. Lace can be seen in cuffs, jackets, shoes and even in dark unexpected ombre colors.


Paleo Top Mesh as Lace

Paleo Top Mesh as Lace

Lace, if it is not done correctly, can often times come across looking cheap or dated. Lace is especially hard to incorporate when combining with activewear. That’s why we never see it.  Until now!  In the Paleo Top, we followed this trend by taking the idea of femininity and using lace in unexpected places by adding gathered mesh to the bust area.  This is not really lace but gives the illusion of lace. This enhances the decolletage  and flatters a part of the woman’s body that is usually forgotten about or played down in athletic wear. It also uses mesh in a more creative and fashionable way than has ever been seen in athletic wear.


Paleo Top Crossover

Paleo Top Crossover

So do we see lace in workout clothes?  No, but in the Paleo Top from Turn It On Fitness, we’ve given on trend lace a new name……. Mesh!

Althea Harper

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