Workout Clothes for Women in Pregnancy

I have been getting so many compliments recently in my prenatal yoga class.   At 8 months pregnant, my fellow yogi’s cannot believe that I am able to wear workout clothing that is as stylish as it is functional.

Knockout Top in Pregnancy

Knockout Top and Sprint Pants in Pregnancy

This is especially true with all that extra weight that we pregos carry in the chest and belly. Even more surprising is that the workout clothes I’m wearing are not even maternity clothes- they are Turn It On Fitness workout clothes for women.   It has been a pleasant surprise to see that my Turn It On Fitness workout clothes have grown with me as my body changes each month. I can’t believe the four way stretch fabric is able to accommodate these changes.  But it’s true, the fabric can stretch up to 100% more than the original size.  I haven’t had any problems with the built in bra shelves….they just keep doing their job as I grow. And the pants have stayed securely in place even though I’ve had to wear them a little lower to accommodate my belly.

Bikram Top in Pregnancy

Bikram Top in Pregnancy

Staying motivated to exercise during pregnancy is difficult at times and keeping my focus on everything healthy is also a challenge but knowing that as I move farther along in pregnancy I can keep wearing my  Turn It On Fitness styles has made me feel powerful and excited to attend class.  We truly mean it when we say Turn It On Fitness workout clothes for women work for every body type…..even us pregnant mommies!

Althea Harper

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