Why You Should Frame Your Face

Sunglasses are high on the radar screen for this Fall.  Here’s some reasons why.


“Sunnies” are a great fashion statement. They portray exactly your mood. One pair can say “hey I’m a fitness fanatic”, another may scream “I’m a hot mess”. For you fashion mavens, did you know there are other reasons for wearing your delicious eye frames? They just may be saving your beautiful blues, browns, grays, or greens–you get the picture. They are great fashion accessories but more importantly, sunglasses are extremely important when it comes to maintaining good eye health. From summer to winter, you’ve swapped your bikini for a bomber jacket and subbed out the salt spray for heavy-duty moisturizer, but that doesn’t mean you should be leaving your sunglasses at home. The sun’s rays don’t take a vacation during the winter, and in fact they may be even harsher with a layer of snow on the ground. Your eyes need shade in all seasons, and that’s enough of a reason to pick up a new pair often.

So grab your glasses and follow along with the reasons eye framing is great for you.

● Glare Reduction

By wearing this fashion accessory the sun’s glare is reduced. So why is this important? If you wear sunglasses when driving you will cut down that glare that could be a killer to you or a loved one. Keep in mind that more than 100 people die each year due to temporary blindness from glare.  Also, you don’t want to miss George Clooney as he strolls by!

● UV Rays

You wear sunscreen on your skin to prevent burning right? It’s just as important to protect your eyes from damaging radiation and ultra violet rays. When your eyes have that burning feeling and become fatigued, that’s a sign you may have “sun burned” your eyes.  Those red eyes never go with your makeup.

● Protection from Debris And Wind

Debris and wind can cause havoc with your peepers. When outdoors, you have no control over what may fly into your eyes. “Sunnies” will aid in protecting your eyes from any of this harmful debris. Wearing your fashion statements may block the wind and prevent dust from gaining access to your eyes. The resultant corneal abrasions can and do on occasion lead to blindness. Dry eye is another condition that may be helped by blocking that wind.  So prevent all this in the first place, sister.

● Prevention of Squinting and Eye Strain

Do you find yourself constantly squinting and straining to see? Did you know that squinting is not only detrimental by reducing your field of vision but it can also lead to wrinkles around your peepers? So let’s prevent those wrinkles and see this beautiful world with eyes wide open.

● Looking Cool and Feeling Fab

Now let’s forget all the medical reasons you need to wear sunglasses. You need them because it will add some personality and individuality to your style. They suggest that you’re confident and know who you are. And of course for the fashion mavens out there, “sunnies” can turn you from an 8 to a 10 if you put the right ones on.  Put Um On and Look Fab!

So there you are, the reasons fashion eyewear should be part of your life.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West


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