Variety is the Spice of Life

Have you ever walked down a street in America and looked at the uniformity of everything from the McDonald’s franchise to the yoga pants women are wearing?  Driving across America will open your eyes to the homogenization of this country.


Why is it that most every town looks alike with the same hotel chains, restaurants and malls?  If you walk through those malls, the stores are the same in Omaha as they are in Chicago or Scottsdale.  If you look in the windows of the stores at the fashion displayed….guess what?  It all looks alike.  Why is it that variety has gone down the tubes?  Maybe that’s the reason Europe appeals to Americans.  Every street is different with all the shops and restaurants being individual unto themselves.  Why is it that people here don’t think for themselves?  Is it a comfort level they are seeking?  Acceptance by the crowd? I personally try to look for those things that don’t represent the norm.  It not only makes me feel good that I don’t look like my neighbor, but it also stimulates conversation with total strangers when they approach me asking “where did you get this or that?”  I love this.  It’s refreshing but in the same respect, I want all women to trust their own instincts and step out of the box.

Knowing this, three years ago I set out to have women look for fresh new alternatives in activewear and to mix these styles with their own closets.   I created Turn It On Fitness ( specifically to have women “Turn It On” and let the creative juices flow by mixing this unique activewear with their own accessories, heels and whatever else is in that closet.  I want them to use our styles as a basis and then add their own taste to it to create an entirely new look for them.  That’s right, unique to the specific woman.  I call this the “Crossover Concept”.


Crossover Activewear

Crossover is the ability to use the Turn It On activewear as high performance fitness wear, stand alone fashion, travel wear or just comfortable everyday lounge wear.  It allows a woman to go from AM to PM looking fabulous whether she is in the studio, the bistro or at work without having to lug around a bunch of clothes for her different activities throughout the day.  This adds convenience, time savings and value to our lives.

But if a woman is to create her own style with our styles, don’t our styles have to be different than all the other fitness wear brands out there?  You know what I mean…..wide waistbands, gussets, tank tops, and front rise crotch seams whose flatlock seams point to our lady areas.  Why, “yes” is my answer.  So when Turn It On® went through the design process, we took everything that was already out in the market and did the exact opposite.

Wide Waistband

Wide Waistband

The wide waistband is so widespread in activewear that you would think all big brands share the same patterns.  You may say “Well that means it must work”.  I say “that doesn’t mean something else might not function the same but look better”.  So we looked for a design that would flatter a woman’s figure and at the same time function in high performance situations without having to tug or adjust.  We designed a “V” front and “V” back waistband that is high on the sides and slopes down in front and back mirroring the shape of a woman’s pelvis.  It hides muffin tops and allows a woman’s belly to fall naturally in the “V” rather than being compressed by the wide waistband. This design functions because of its shape and how it’s constructed.

V Waist

V Waist

What about a gusset?  Why is it included in most brands’ yoga pants?  They say it’s because it adds comfort to a woman’s private areas.  Is that true?  I think the only thing it does is create the dreaded “camel toe” effect.  If you see the camel toes, look for the gusset.  I’ll bet it’s there.  The alternative….no gusset and guess what?  No camel toes in our styles.  The gusset also looks like a “bull’s eye” in downward dog.  Is that what we women want?  Not me!



While we’re talking about unsightly crotches, why do many brands use that ugly flatlock seam in the front rise.  To make it even worse, they use contrasting thread colors.  This just draws the eye to our private areas.  So what did we do?  We eliminated the flatlock and used matching thread color.  I personally can tell you it is not uncomfortable (the reason big brands say they use it to prevent chafing).  We have never had a complaint because of the non flatlock seam we use that is nearly invisible and gives a “fashion” look.


Crotch seam

Next, the tank top.  Let’s put it in its place….the bin of ages past.  Instead, let’s take design elements from the fashion runway and incorporate them into tops.  I’m talking asymmetry, silhouetting, contour seaming, catwalk quality trims and bindings and then incorporate them into a top that functions as high performance apparel but looks like it came from the runway.

Turn It On Fitness Asymmetry

Turn It On Fitness Asymmetry

And finally, it’s time to discuss fabrics.  I’m going to get it off my chest once and for all.  Polyester is cheap and heat retaining.  Look at the brands that try to hide it by calling it polyamide or recycled this or that or some proprietary name.  If you want to truly have high performance technical apparel, use a moisture wicking four way stretch fabric that adds compression, thermal regulation and drys 8 times faster than cotton by wicking perspiration away from the body and transporting it to the surface of the fabric for rapid evaporation which keeps you cool.  Most of these fabrics are nylon/spandex blends.  However if you want to get the fashion look and feel,  you have to add special finishes to the fabric to get the hand feel of luxury.  Most brands won’t pay for that.

Fabric close up

Luxury Fabrics

So now we come back to my original thought.  Variety is the spice of life, and I personally am looking to lead the pack and not to follow it……the view never changes if you’re always a follower!  Come on girls, let’s go!

Turn It On and Look Fab Ladies!

Juetta West
Founder of Turn It On Fitness

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