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USA Made

USA Made is important to us. We at Turn It On by Juetta West know that you have many choices when shopping for fashion.  You can choose quality or price, designer style or cookie-cutter look alikes, made offshore or USA Made, or made by a  huge corporation or by a smaller company.  These choices clearly are miles apart from one another. Today, I’d like to dwell on one of these questions you face when shopping…… USA Made or offshore.

Let’s look at the reasons I look to the country of origin when shopping and why you should too!

Unregulated Labor 

Many developing nations have limited regulations governing the treatment of laborers.  The “sweat shops” of Asia often employ underage children in harsh working environments using forced labor or unsafe working conditions to gain a competitive advantage. The collapse of a sewing factory in Bangladesh which killed hundreds of these poor workers brought attention to the issue.  Unfortunately, big US corporations looking for cheap labor indirectly led to this tragedy.  When you buy products made offshore, there is the possibility you too could be contributing to this problem.  Factories in the US are highly regulated for safety, labor and working conditions which make it unlikely a similar tragedy could occur here.

It’s the Economy Stupid!

As a former president said, it’s all about the economy.  Turn It On by Juetta West makes our garments in New England. The town used to have 32 sewing factories.  Today, there are 2.  Think about that for a minute. If each of these factories employed 200 workers, there would have been 6400 workers paying taxes, bringing down our national debt, supporting other business in the area, and paying for housing, cars, and other necessities.  Instead, today there are only a couple hundred workers with many of the ancillary businesses in the area shut down.  It’s an exponential loss for the area as most of these laid off workers have also left the area.


Many offshore factories are in areas where there are little to no environmental protection laws and if they have the laws, they aren’t enforced.  Pollution runs rampant with factories spewing toxins into the air and water.  Here in the USA, the EPA regulates factory waste helping to keep our land, water and air clean.


In the USA, the Consumers Product Safety Commission provides standards that assure us that we, as consumers, won’t be harmed by the products we buy. Safety hazards, toxins and health risks are rare here.  Offshore, inspection and lack of safety standards have led to recalls and even injury or death related to unsafe production practices.  If you care about your health, buying products Made in USA gives you a better chance of avoiding these health risks.

Reinvesting in America 

“If every one of us spent $3.33 on American made goods every year, it would create 10,000 new jobs in this country” (Lou Mettler, American Mercantile – Retailer). Investing in our country rather than other countries makes us stronger as a nation.  With many still recovering from the Great Recession, we need to help our fellow citizens and our country.  Investing in ourselves rather than others should be our priority.

So the next time you pick out that fashion accessory or garment, ask for Made in USA.  It may be hard because only about 2% of clothes are made here, but if we’re persistent, we can change that.


USA Made
USA Made



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