Turn It On Fitness Crossover Winner Marta Craves

A little over a month ago we asked our customers to provide some photos and stories about how they use our workout clothes for women in everyday life.  Whether it be at the gym, in the studio, out to lunch with the girls or a dinner date, we know that you are using our styles in ways we have never even dreamed of.  So here we have it, THE WINNER IS:  Marta Craves.  Not only did Marta provide multiple shots of innovative crossover, but she also livened up the show with her everyday stories of how she personally uses our workout clothes that transition to every wear clothes.  So here we go Marta, a tribute to your dedication to Turn It On Fitness with your multiple purchases, but also to your imagination and creativity in the world of Turn It On Crossover!


Orchid Striker Pant

Orchid Striker Pant

I love everything about my Striker pants, especially what they do for my tush. For a crossover outfit I will pair with a little blazer, heels, and scarf and will wear this to take my sister to the hospital Monday morning for her hip replacement surgery. Since I’ll probably be there for a few hours, I am not going to pass up an opportunity to work out. I’ll take the stairs and two-up them for cardio and between flights, I will do several sets of squats. I will find a quiet and hopefully private hallway and do my lunges, and do my push-ups against the wall in the waiting room. Try and do all that in skinny jeans! THANK YOU TIO! I am also sending a “behind” pic…good-bye Spanx, hello Striker. The Striker pants do more for my derriere than anything else ever did, I feel like I got an instant butt-lift.


Knockout Top - Ace Skirt

Knockout Top – Ace Skirt

Going to the Flats for lunch all I have to do to this outfit is add tights, belt, my Chuck Taylors, and a Daytona hoodie and I’m ready. When I get home, I’m ready for balance work and stretching before my run. I love the Knockout and Paleo tops for upper body workout with bands and/or weights. They give support and freedom to move without bunching or binding.


Karma Top

Karma Top Crossover

I’ll wear the Karma top and a pair of leather leggins and add a scarf to attend a board meeting, and when I get home the Karma is great for layering for a “brisk” jog. Ever since I’ve been “Turned On to this apparel & website, I have been “turned on” to a renewed level of commitment to my fitness regimen, plus this wonderful ability to crossover with this apparel from workout to going out. I absolutely love it, it is so comfortable, it won’t ride up, it won’t work it’s way down, it won’t wrinkle and it holds it’s shape. I’m retired so when I get dressed in the morning, I don’t always know what time of the day I’ll get to exercise, so I put on workout clothes. It is so great now to be able to do this knowing I can run errands or whatever I need to do and be stylish and still be ready for a workout when the time comes. My goal is to have enough pieces to live in this stuff, it’s fun just going to my closet and seeing all the crossover possibilities for dinner out, club meetings, movie, or whatever the occasion, this apparel fits the bill. I appreciate the opportunity to submit our own crossover styles and am looking forward to seeing submissions from other people.


Orchid Ace Skirt Crossover

Orchid Ace Skirt Crossover

I’m a runner and find the Ace Skirt very comfortable and practical. It’s unique design holds it in place and the pockets are a great look. I have used my Pink Ace Skirt as a crossover piece paired with tights, boots, belt and with my motorcycle jacket I’m off to our club meeting.

Congratulations Marta for exemplifying the true spirit of the Crossover Concept from Turn It On Fitness where workout clothes for women take on a new dimension and a duality of function.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West



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