Trunk Shows: Where We Get to Know You

Turn It On Fitness had another trunk show yesterday.  Plush Beauty Lounge was the venue which was great but a little different than most.  Most of our trunk shows are in homes but sometimes we have them in commercial establishments like restaurants, bars and even a salon.

I Love Trunk Shows

I Love Trunk Shows

The best thing about trunk shows is that I get to meet my customers.  It’s so much easier to make my “new friends” understand the crossover concept, the quality of our fabrics and finish, and the fit of the garments.  I love being able to talk about what makes us so different from other fitness wear and workout clothes for women.  I don’t even know another brand that is approaching activewear as we are.  I think that’s good, but sometimes it makes it difficult for our customers to understand why were different.

Fabrics are Oh So Luscious

Fabrics are Oh So Luscious

Most think “Oh another fitness wear line”.  No Ma’am!  Look no further than the fabric.  Yesterday, a XXXX lover said “I’m not really interested in looking because I love XXXX”.  “OK, that’s fine because they make a good product, but just take a feel of this fabric”.  She grabbed it like it was denim and stepped back and said “That’s amazing.  Where’s if from?  China?”  Nope!  The good ole USA.  She wasn’t really going to try anything on because she “knew” what she liked.  We’ve had others that have said the same but not been so closed minded.  They are now tried and true Turn It On Fitness fans with many having ordered many times.  What’s that old saying “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it”?

I Just Love This

I Just Love This

So moving on…..after the fabric, I get to explain the origin of the crossover concept.  Frequently I hear…”why hasn’t anyone else done this”?  I hope they don’t!  If I can explain myself well enough, everyone gets the fact that we have high quality fitness apparel that functions in the studio or as stand alone fashion or both.  I love when I hear, “Can I try this one on?”  It isn’t very long until I hear “Wow, this feels amazing”.  And the story goes on.

So the reality is, the most fun of owning your own fashion fitness line is getting to meet all of you.  Online sales are good, but trunk shows are the best.  Not only do I have a great time talking, but so do all the guests.  Food, drink, laughter and fashion….what could be better?  Not too much in my book!

Turn It On and Look Fab!


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  1. Juetta West says:

    I love working with my clients to let them experience the crossover concept of Turn It On

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