Tips When Buying Workout Clothes – Ignore At Your Own Peril

You gasped with delight when you saw it on the rack. A perfect fit and right on trend, you had to buy it. You eagerly headed to the gym, feeling sassy with every step in your new workout clothes. Then, midway through the glutes and quads class, the waistband of your cute workout pants started inching down with every squat. Instead of working up a sweat, the rest of the class was spent trying to keep your workout pants from falling down. Frustrated, you headed home and threw the cute workout pants in the back of the closet along with the rest of your workout clothing that just didn’t…well, work out.

sweaty workout clothes

With a wealth of attractive activewear on the market, it’s easy to get caught up in fashion and forget about function. Next time you add to your wardrobe, ask these questions to avoid fitness fashion disasters:

Does it suit the purpose?

Consider the equipment used and the variety of moves performed during workouts. Is it really worth wearing those fab wide leg yoga pants that’s great for downward facing dog but can cause major trouble if the leg gets caught in a bike gears? Not So Much Girls!!!! Similarly, the cute running shorts that were just right for a 10 mile run may get you some smirky looks when worn while straddling a weight bench. Try a few practice moves to ensure clothing functions well for a specific workout. For me, this is very important—no reason to be the focus of jokes in the gym or studio!

Does it fit?

This is a good one to know. Clothes that are too tight can restrict movement, cause chaffing and be overly revealing. For fitted garments with patterns, check to see if the design remains the same size and the fabric color stays true as it stretches around your curves. Trust me, this is not a good look when stripes are designed to be an inch apart and all of a sudden they’re like five inches apart. NOPE, not good and so go a size up.  It’s no biggie unless you make it one. On the other hand, wearing over-sized clothes may cause them to get caught on equipment or worse yet, bag in areas that might cause embarrassing giggles.

Is the fabric thick enough?

Let’s not pull a Lululemon on this one girls. Hold garments up to a light and examine for sheerness. While wearing tights, do the “toe-touch test” to see how the fabric responds when stretched. Have a friend stand behind you as you bend over and touch your toes. If your unmentionables remain a mystery, the garment is a winner (YEA)! Check fabric in an area with lots of natural light. Some materials that seem fine in the store may become see-through in the sun’s rays. Leave the tags on the garments until you try this trusty no fail experiment. Once you know everything is clear–no pun intended, snip off the labels if need be!

Is it made for sweating?

Underarm sweat marks are embarrassing enough and not chic to say the least, but evidence of sweat from your derriere or crotch (OMG!) is downright dreadful. Look for breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin. Generally, polyester is more likely to retain heat, increasing your sweat factor.  Nylons tend to not be so heat retentive as long as they contain good moisture wicking technology.  Such fabrics are more comfortable and help prevent breakouts, odors and stains caused by trapped sweat. These days the high performance fabrics take the fret out of a good sweat! So sweat, baby sweat!

As a Fitness Fashionista, looking my best includes comfort, great fit, great styling, functionality without tugging and pulling as well as NO SWEAT MARKS! However, if you ignore these tips, have a good laugh about it with your training buddies as you tug, pull, and expose your privates! Chances are; they have a few stories of their own! I know I do!

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Juetta West

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