The Power of the Mind

Inspiration comes in many forms, whether in words spoken by wise men or regular Joe’s, experiences that you’ve lived, or for me the Bible. If you visualize positivity in all aspects of your life, you will be astounded on how you look at the world and events that take place around you.

Power of the Mind

Power of the Mind

It’s so important that we create the right image in our minds because the way we see ourselves is the direction in which we move. Visualization is simply seeing yourself the way you want to be. It’s creating a picture in your mind of accomplishing your goals, overcoming your obstacles, and fulfilling your destiny. Our imagination is extremely powerful. The way we see ourselves in these pictures that we create over time must be positive and not negative. Once something is in the subconscious, it’s just like gravity; it pulls us towards it. All these internal forces are released within the subconscious, and more often than not, we become just like we’ve imagined.

If you’ll create a picture in your imagination of something you want, a dream coming to pass, a business succeeding, a picture of yourself healthy and whole; if you’ll keep that image in front of you, that’s the gravity that will pull you to success. Keep the right things in your mind and the right things in your life, and you’ll be surprised what’s waiting around the corner.

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