The Eagle and the Wind Beneath My Wings

After a long day, I’m tired, dinner is done and the dishes are done thankfully by my husband. I started surfing the channels looking for something educational and not the normal negative news.  National Geographic was highlighting the Eagle and how this majestic feathered friend could teach us the essence of what life is all about.

Wind Beneath My Wings

Wind Beneath My Wings

My dad always referred to this King of Birds as “America”.  Strong, Committed, Living in the Heights and Parenting that we should take note of.  So, as I watched this incredible documentary the lightbulb went off inside my head.  I finally realized what Dad’s admiration for the Eagle was all about.  I hope you will too.


What is strong?  Is it muscle strength or something else?  My Dad would refer to this as being strong to yourself.  “Setting a goal and going for it” is what he would encourage, and with Mom’s follow up, “what do you have to lose?”, well I guess you know where I’m coming from.  Think about it seriously, we are put on this wonderful earth not to take up space but to improve ourselves, enrich ourselves and others, and not to fear stepping outside of the box.  Like my Father, I feel that the Eagle has always represented strength and as I watched this show, it became more evident.  And when the word Eagle is paired with the word America, the two together represent not only strength, but power and courage.  Like America, the home of brave, the eagle is fearless and a symbol of all things powerful. To me, being brave is having the strength to go against the odds and achieve despite those odds.  I dare you BFF to be Strong!  Let’s look at the Eagle, a magnificent creature we can learn from.


Get this… Once paired in “marriage“, bald eagles remain together for life. Only if one dies does the survivor accept a new mate. How cool is that? Eagles have something humanity has long been fighting to understand and sustain–it’s called commitment. It’s called fidelity. It’s called faithfulness. When you’ve made a vow, you should live to keep it. To me, the majestic eagle represents the symbol of our vows that we take on our wedding day,  “Till Death Do Us Part”.  So, I’m thinking, if this stately and regal bird can do it, why can’t humanity?

Living In The Heights:

Have you ever seen an Eagle soar?  The heights achieved are impressive. To me this means that the eagle naturally possesses greater perspectives than almost any other creature.  Between the visual acuity and the height of the soaring, the Eagle gets to look at the big picture.  All birds fly, but the eagle enjoys the peace and serenity of the heights, far removed from the noise and clutter occurring at the lower levels of life. If we choose to soar and to be different like the Eagle, it just might be easier for us to have a bigger and clearer picture of what’s going on. Let’s call this a new perspective.  I believe when we choose to take the high road and look at the big picture as the Eagle does, we can become more focused and deliberate in the path we choose avoiding the traps we all encounter.  As the eagle would say if it could talk–”soar into the heights, for it is in these heights that you will avoid predators, enjoy silence, peace and a truly more beautiful view”.  I’m ready when you are!  Let’s go soaring.


When our King of the Air is ready to start a family, the Eagle’s actions are very similar to humans.  Both the male and the female find a spot and then build their home to provide comfort and protection.  She lays the eggs and protects them while he maintains the nest and provides food.  Wow, sound familiar?  The nest building is very complex and well thought out.  Layer upon layer of twigs, thorns,  and soft grass to cover the thorns are meticulously arranged until the nest is the size the Eagle wants.  Once the eggs are hatched and the eaglets have grown and are ready for flight, the mother eagle throws the eaglets out of the nest. Fear makes them jump into the nest again.  So she throws them out again and at the same time takes off the soft layers leaving the thorns bare.  When the scared eaglets again jump into the nest, they land on the thorns and don’t understand why mom and dad have done this.  This happens repeatedly until finally they realize, “if we use our wings, we can fly and avoid the thorns”.
The preparation of the nest teaches us to prepare for changes.  It’s necessary for both mom and dad to invest in the success of the eaglets (us) to insure survival.  The thorns tell us that being too comfortable may result in our not experiencing all that life has to offer.  We need the thorns of life to teach us how to grow and how to not fear the unknown.

Both my parents are gone now, but I thank them for pushing me out of the nest because without that, there would be no “Wind Beneath My Wings”.

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