Teeter-Totter Teams

Well, it’s week 3 (day 4) of Season 12, and we find the designers in bed. Heidi quickly and adamantly wakes up this week’s survivors. Then it’s off to Coney Island. A quick Yoplait product placement, and Tim informs them they’re doing a team challenge. Plus it’s another unconventional challenge. Whew…take a deep breath.

This season does seem to be racing along at a breakneck pace. I wonder what “Runway” will do for challenges in the coming weeks.

The designers are teamed up, and this time B&M leave nothing to chance. Hence, Helen and Kate are partners. It’s a restrained Helen, after her runway meltdown, and a confident Kate after her win. Justin and Alexander are teamed up. I don’t expect too much drama from these two. Justin’s pragmatic, and he can turn Alexander’s snark down. Lucky Justin. But make no mistake, it’s the fashion teacher (edit/edit/edit), and the costume designer; how will they combine their respective talents without turning on each other? Jeremy and Ken are partnered, and Ken is clapping his hands like a trained seal knowing he dodged a bullet (Sandro). Sue and Sandro find themselves a pair, and Sue feels okay with that; she feels Sandro’s kind of funny. Alexandria and Dom are paired. The snark queen teamed with the “say little, work a lot” girl. Brandon and Karen are put together. An interesting mix. Brandon, a standout so far this season, working with Karen, a player who has yet to really distinguish herself with any design aesthetic — or decent execution, for that matter.

Finally, the money: Timothy and Miranda. These two are from the same town, and Miranda has been slamming Timothy relentlessly; “he has a huge ego,” yada, yada, yada. Now she claims Timothy has been running her down. Truth be told, “Runway” is heavily edited (I know, surprise), but so far Timothy hasn’t struck me as back-stabbing egomaniac. But hey, we’re only 20 minutes in.

After a rather awkward Yoplait placement with the designers pushing Yopait frozen yogurt into the faces of innocent “bystanders” in an effort to cull some kind of descriptive word (they need three) to guide their design, we head into Coney Island proper and find out the designers are to play carnival games, collect prizes, and make an outfit using nothing but the materials from the prizes. Okay! Now that does sound like fun!

During the games Miranda wins a unicorn for Timmy, and admits to being a witch to him. After the contestants play games and gather their booty, they line up. You just have to love the stuffed creatures of all sizes, and colors, it just looks like a blast. Hugs and kisses all around.

PR blog 3


Back to Parsons, and again no trip to Mood. After a quick sketch the designers get down to work. Quickly Sandro and Sue hit a rough patch. From a dispassionate view point I can see Sandro’s concerns. He’s loud, brash, and a jerk, but he does understand time management, which Sue clearly doesn’t. I suspect part of this comes from the fact Sandro has modern, practical knowledge and a skill set. Being a fashion student with a fine background, he is both skilled, and adventuresome. He’s arrogant, and a misogynist; he also has a unique and clearly European design esthetic. Sue, on the other hand, is self-taught. She has no concept of time. I wonder if looking through the veil of editing we’d see that Sandro was actually reigning Sue in from time-consuming excess. She constantly tries to get away from a sewing machine — a skill she stubbornly seems to refuse to learn — in favor of hand-sewing. He’s controlling, but Sue is showing herself to be as self-centered. She has quite the attitude, and about halfway through the show we have this week’s head explosion from Sandro. And all this with sharp objects nearby.

Brandon and Karen are clipping along at a good pace. Alexander and Justin, though working steadily, are doubting their design. Helen and Kate are enjoying the challenge and the camraderie.Dom and Alexandria have a Japanese street culture vibe with their creation. I’m a huge fan of Japanese anime. These two are clear front runners.

Miranda, and Timothy. Drama? Any doubts? Pax team Wisconsin quickly tanks. After a healing, Timothy soon starts to exhibit some rather egocentric responses, the most devastating being the redesign of the dress mid-challenge. Big mistake. One thing you learn in “Project Runway” is working through your design. “Make it work” is a truism. To stop so late to change direction is foolish, disrespectful to your partner, and yes, egotistical. I’ve defended Timothy, but this week he’s flaming out. At least Timothy has a design point of view. He has ideas and imagination Miranda could only dream of. Three episodes in and she’s stopped from making yet another pencil skirt. Miranda is limited, and this might account for the anger she has toward him.

So the teeter-totter of team challenges rocks again with some teams flourishing and some imploding.

On the runway Helen and Kate throw a good pitch. They picked a great material and the skirt is beautiful. Brandon and Karen produce a nice, if overwrought, frock. Safe. Sandro and Sue are saved to compete again, although they could have easily been in the bottom. Jeremy and Ken throw down a chic, slightly repetitive pant outfit. I thought it could have been stronger if the fur vest wouldn’t have had the different colored lines. Dom and Alexandria show a youthful, fun look. Justin and Alexander’s princess-gown-with-the-kitchen-sink-look and Miranda and Timothy’s mediocrity make up the bottom two.

Helen wins! Huh, what? Because she inspires the design, she gets the win? I cry foul. You can argue that Dom and Alexander had the win (my choice for the win, for its creativity), or that Kate’s fingerprints were all over the piece. Go ahead and pick. But you can’t say anything other than that it was a scripted win. From the pairing to the end, Helen’s was a planned “redemptive” win.

The bottom two are Miranda and Timothy. And Timothy’s time card is stamped.



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