Super Bowl Healthy Munchies

Yep, it’s  Super Bowl time once again. Whether you’re a Patriots fan or a Falcons fan, you gotta love watching well built men running up and down on the grid iron in those tight fitting pants. Combine that with chasing after a pig skin and then slapping each other on the bum….Yea! that’s total excitement!  You gotta love it!  So let’s make a score on the Super Bowl menu that’s part of your party by intercepting some of those empty calories, sugar and fat.  This will make it a “better-for-you” day rather than a blow out. Below you’ll find five super substitutions for your Super Bowl Party. You can look at it as a full dinner made easy. Enjoy and may the best team win!

Juetta Ben Gal

Juetta Ben Gal

Healthier Guacamole for Super Bowl

Full of fiber and healthy fats, traditional guacamole is a healthy snack that we love and it’s great for you. Did you know the avocado is considered a fruit? Yep, because it has that single seed located smack dab in the middle of it, it’s considered a fruit. Rule of thumb, slow down on the salt and know when to walk away. Even though this dish is delicious and good for you, like everything else—-eat it in moderation. We’ll call this our fruit appetizer.

Pico de Gallo for Super Bowl

Classic Pico de Gallo is a fresh produce-filled dip that always hits the spot. It’s an easy make-ahead appetizer that you can chop up the night before the big game. Making it fresh and not from a jar is the best way to enjoy this delight. By doing this, you can bet there are no preservatives and that it’s great for you! Have to add chips?  It’s a must. Try baked. They’re better for you, crispier, less calories and that means on Monday morning, you won’t hate yourself. We’ll call this our veggie appetizer.

Super Bowl Grilled Wings

Fried chicken wings are not the best bet for a healthy spread at home. But, no worries, I have something that’s better for you when it comes to this iconic dish. Got a grill? Then fire it up and pass the wings. A plate of seasoned grilled wings will please the palate, take the fattiness out of the equation, but still provide a great Super Bowl staple. We’ll call this our protein dish.

Super Bowl Kale Chips

Light, crispy, and delicious, kale chips are loaded with vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. A great substitute for potato chips and better for you. We’ll call this our salad—sort of :).

Fruit Kebabs for Super Bowl

Take any kind of fruit under the sun and throw them on a skewer, and you have a delicious and healthy treat. You’ll be shocked how fast fruit kebabs disappear when put it front of those hungry Super Bowl mouths.  Fresh, full of goodness and easy to eat. Dessert is served!

Now, if you’re like my husband, adult libations are called for on this special day. For him, Margaritas are a must–hold the salt please. But keep in mind, whatever you choose to wet your whistle, know the calories and carbs.  Try a traditional Margarita made of fresh lime juice and a little agave syrup instead of the store bought carb-laden stuff.  Enjoy and don’t drink and drive.

Enjoy the game!

Turn It On and Look Fab,
Juetta West

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