Rewards and Redos

It is week 12 and because of the shock double elimination last week, we are down to the final five designers. A field trip is announced and it is to the Sweetbriar Butterfly House. The designers are to take inspiration from the butterflies and create an avant-garde look.

Avant-garde can be so pigeonholed, mostly it is seen as crazy gowns, but it actually “refers to a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm of the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.” Working at McQueen I quickly realized that this just doesn’t mean a “crazy big dress,” but something unique, new and has meaning behind it.

A trip to Mood and Swatch, the designers go for broke. Bradon has wisely saved money and goes big, as does Alexandria and Helen. The designers buy every last item they can think of to cover the challenge and who can blame them. I wish we had those magical cards that never seem to run out of money!

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Back at the workroom the designers start working. Bradon seems to have a solid strategy of attack. Justin calmly sets up and has a plan. Dom likewise seems calm and focused. Alexandria too has an idea. All seem to be calm, and working diligently. Dom has taken inspiration from the fact that butterflies crossbreed, so she’s mixing prints. Tim is all thumbs up. Helen, well, as Tim critiques her look, Helen does as Helen has done in the past: she has a melt down. As she cries, weeps and stamps her feet because she wasn’t given a gold star. Tim tries to get her to focus. God, help me. I can’t help it. I was a bit younger than Helen when I was on my season, but I find her level of immaturity just annoying. I’ve said it before, I do not think “Project Runway “should be a “finishing school” for designers. I also think designers that are looking to be on the show should look at it with a sober eye. There are times when the lack of sleep, nerves and the relentless pressure, breaks you down. But, come on, not before you’ve even started a outfit! Add to that her “throw all the toys out of the pram” fit, it just seems like she should not be there yet.

Alexandria has produced a rather goth looking dress. While edgy, it may be a little light on the avant-garde aspect. Bradon is working on a simple piece on the front, with a explosion on the back. He also has attachments to add to the look. Tim at first is not a fan, but as the attachments are added he becomes a believer. He looks to be in very good shape to head to the final. Justin has a two-piece that looks less avant-garde to me, but looks beautiful. I am excited to see where this goes.

The next day the designers walk into workroom. In front of them are all the losing looks. In the well-named “Make It Work Challenge” they are to pick a losing garment redo it and have it walk the runway with their avant-garde look. Dom picks Jeremy’s losing design, Alexandria goes with Miranda’s, Bradon chooses with Sue’s, Helen’s choice is Kate’s (which seems to be a little insulting to their friendship if you ask me), and Justin bravely selects his own losing gown.

Dom seems to really be in the zone since her unexpected redemption win. Jeremy’s jacket now has a high collar coupled with his skirts print on the sleeves. A very nice take. Alexandria creates a modern punk look. While dated, Alexandria does have the flair to make it seem fresh. Helen tears into Kate’s frock. Then, for the first time in “Project Runway” history, Alexandria starts to break down. The ice queen has cracked. I understand—you are so mentally and physically exhausted at this point. It was difficult. A lack of sleep, no personal time, all those around you, in the end, are there to beat you. From the support of her coworkers and kids they rally her emotions. She pulls together and moves on.

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On the Runway

Dom’s avant-garde is first up. Well done. This is my favorite work from her. Alexandria is up next. I am a fan of the dress and the black is definitely a unique way to interpret a butterfly. Helen, same basic outfit she has sent down the runway this entire season. Oh, it’s in orange. I see no avant-garde influence here, it’s just a dress with a technique that has been seen before. Justin has again a more sewing intensive look than avant-garde, but it surely more adventurous than the previous. Bradon sends down the only truly avant-garde piece, although I think would have been successful with a little less of the tubes.

The redos are next. In the same running. Dom sends out a great interpretation of Jeremy’s construct and it walks first. Modern, improving on Jeremy’s aged look. Job well-done, but I personally liked the jacket more when it was all red with the sleeves used to enhance the collar and then make the skirt colorful. The black skirt was a little of a let down. Alexandria creates a fun, punk look. For the most part, she pulls it off. I don’t love the vest, but think the pants are AMAZING. I disagree with the judges comments about being “costumey” when they told Miranda she should have pushed it further to punk. Helen, honestly I don’t know what to say. I felt her avant-garde look was not close to the directive, and I saw nothing of Kate’s design. The top was a repeat from a day or so ago (last week) and the skirt was a darker color. Justin does correct his sin and the redo is a far sight better. Finally, Bradon recreates Sue’s debacle with a patch of Sue’s work and a new home. Far improved.

Justin, safe. I think he is talented, but he has not really pushed himself and today might be too little too late. Good to know that Nina likes your models nail color (plug)… Helen is praised for her rework by Zac, but is also shot down by Zac for her avant-garde look. It’s that kind of day. Alexandria is up next. Again it is all over the place in terms of how it is seen. Heidi likes the avant-garde look, but not the redo. Nina sees the opposite. Bradon, flowers all around. Finally, Dom. She is praised for both outfits.

Surprise, Bradon for the win. Dom moving on to fashion week. Justin, Helen and Alexandria are to compete for the final slot. Honestly, I see only one who deserves to go home: Helen. I see a pretender to the crown. No. Justin, Helen and Alexandria that will fight for the final slot.

Did you agree with the top two? Or, that all three were rewarded?

Althea Harper


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