Marsala is Color of the Year 2015

Earlier this week, Pantone, the global color authority, announced its color of the year for 2015: Marsala, a rich, earthy, wine-inspired hue. The internet was abuzz with commentary surrounding this news, with some praising this as a simply “delicious” choice while others criticizing it for the departure from past bold, vibrant choices.

For many years now, I’ve wondered how this group of so called experts can go out and gather so called information, come back, whip up a color and say, “Hey Everyone, This Is The Color Of The Year”. And the worst thing is, this color showcases the theme in all aspects of our lives not just fashion. It’s true that the color of the year has a far-reaching influence, impacting industries such as fashion, beauty, interior design and graphic design, to name a few.



What I’ve discovered is that I may love the color for my everyday dishes or ottoman, but when it comes to clothing or accessories, it can be a huge disappointment because the color might not go well with my skin color. When us “Girls” go shopping for that special date night dress and all we can find is “The Color Of The Year,” it kinda just squelches the desire to continue looking. If designers really think I’m going to buy that date night dress ’cause the color is the hottest thing going on, they are like, SO WRONG! So here is the question I have, why pick a color of the year and try to force it upon me? I want to buy fashion in the color that looks the best on me instead of Susie down the street. The reason we have “color of the year” is to make something trendy so we buy more stuff! So, if I stock up on clothes this year in Marsala, what new color will pop up next year and the year after that? Does this mean I have to throw out the old and bring in the new? Talk to my husband about that one!

I’m not saying I like or don’t like Marsala. Do any of us pay attention to the color of the year? Do you really purchase that date night dress in that specific color because you love it or because its the “in” thing? For me, the jury is out, but I can tell you one thing……I’m going for what looks good on me and if it is “the color of the year” then I guess I’ll just join the crowd!

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Juetta West



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