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The media is so pervasive these days, driving picture perfect images of what we should look like or how we should live our lives, it often feels like nothing short of a complete self-renovation or make over will do. Change the diet, change the workout, change the look!

Self Image

What we really need to change, however is our point of view—- We are way too critical of ourselves. Instead of looking to become someone else, let’s vow to begin appreciating who we are and showing gratitude for how far we’ve already come.  From my own point of view, I’ve come a long way and it hasn’t been easy. But hey, anything you want deeply doesn’t come easily. Just ask yourself, “What would make me healthier and happier? That’s the place to start any make over.  And then focus all your energy there. Whatever your goal, an exercise program, eating healthier or soothing the mind, body or soul, now is the time to start.  Clean out unwanted bad habits and issues that seem to prevent you from moving forward. Personally, I like me being me.  So why don’t you try being you?  Forget those media images.  Forget what “the experts” are telling you.  Instead, simply take good care of yourself—body and mind.  Your radiance will shine through and others will smile back.  It’s much easier to be yourself and your goals will be healthy.  As some of my BFF’s say, “Keep Walking On Sunshine” and life will look that much brighter. Smoochie!

Turn It On and Look Fab,
Juetta West

Image by © Elisa Lazo de Valdez/Corbis

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