Look Taller How to Gain That Extra Inch or Two

Look taller….I don’t know why society has decided we need to look taller, but it’s a fact. Now you can ignore this call to look taller but do so at your own risk.  Some stats show that taller people land employment more often when competing against someone who is shorter.  This isn’t the only place we see this discrimination.  Most women are attracted to men who look taller so maybe the reverse is true too.  Whether you buy any of this, the important thing is that if you want to look taller, here are some tips to help you.

Your Hair Style Can Make You Look Taller

Shorter hair makes you look taller.  If you have hair half way down your back, you can be guaranteed to look shorter.  So cut the hair girls!  Show that beautiful long neck of yours.

The Fit of Your Clothing Can Make You Look Taller

Wearing clothing that is bulky or lose fitting does your figure a disservice.  Even if you have a few extra pounds, wear something that is form fitting.

Get a Clue with Your Shoes To Look Taller

Ditch the flats.  Instead, look for some heels or wedges.  Even better, look for some heels with a low vamp.  The vamp is the upper portion of the shoe between the toes and ankle. A low cut vamp exposes more skin and gives a longer look to the leg. Even better, wear a “nude” colored shoe with a low vamp.  “Nude” is quite popular in heels, and maybe it’s because of this illusion.

Nude Low Vamp Shoes to Look Taller

Stripes are Your Friend To Look Taller

This is true only if the stripes are vertical and not particularly wide.  You can look taller especially with pants that have narrow and vertical thin stripes.  Avoid wide horizontal stripes!

Think Black To Look Taller

Black is slenderizing and makes you look slimmer and taller by itself, but it is also used as contrast to elongate and lengthen.  Black is used by designers when color blocking is incorporated into designs.  Usually the color is central and the black is used as contrast to the sides.  This creates a slenderizing hour-glass silhouette.

Color Blocking to Look Taller

Color Blocking to Look Taller

Contour Seaming To Look Taller

Contour seaming is the use of visible seams that lead the eye upward.  This creates an elongating and slenderizing look.  Look for contour seaming the next time you buy pants.

Contour Seaming to Look Taller

Contour Seaming to Look Taller

Look for Skinny Leg Pants To Look Taller

Believe it or not, skin tight pant legs make you look taller.  That is why “skinnies” have become so popular.  Whether you’re short or tall, “skinnies” are your friend.

Skinnies to Look Taller

Skinnies to Look Taller


Your posture is super important if you want to gain an inch or more.  If you’re short and have poor posture, you are doomed to losing inches.  Holding your shoulders back and neck erect can add inches no matter how tall you are.

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