Life’s Pleasures: Food and Sex

Did you know that what you put in your mouth may make your sex life better or worse? Nutrition plays a role in sex, good or bad. So let’s take a look at what can make the Big O turn into the Big Oh!


Let’s start by looking at those foods that can improve your sex life:
• Oysters:
Yep, that old belief that oysters act as an aphrodisiac may actually be based in medical fact. According to an American Chemical Society conference, oysters contain compounds known to boost testosterone and estrogen, both necessary for optimal sexual function. Zinc, a mineral necessary for maximum blood flow to the genital regions in both males and females is noted in high levels in oysters. Clams and scallops may also do the same, so if you’re not big on oysters, grab those other mollusks to get things movin’ and groovin’.

• Watermelon:
This is a surprise item on the list of foods for enhancement of sexual activity. Low in calories but high in phytonutrients like lycopene and beta carotene, this big mouthful can provide the ingredients needed to relax the smooth muscle in blood vessels allowing increased circulation down in the important areas. So the next time you’re at a summer BBQ, think about an extra piece of watermelon.

• Strawberries:
Those luscious red strawberries are full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Men can increase their sperm counts . But even better, eating one can be sexy just watching! Dip it in dark chocolate and the xanthines may skyrocket your libido. Watch out for these little devils. They can be dangerous.

• Salmon:
The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and other fish like sardines offers cardio-protective benefits which keep the blood vessels in your body clean and open for maximal blood flow. Only problem with this tasty food is that there is a study that suggests that men may be more prone to high grade aggressive prostate cancer with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

• Avocados:
Men with erectile dysfunction may consider the addition of avocados to their diets because of the anti-oxidants, B vitamins, and monounsaturated fats found in these creamy green fruits. Erectile dysfunction can be directly related to arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Anti-oxidants and B vitamins help to improve blood flow and even may prevent the progression of the disease if used with other lifestyle changes.

• Sesame Seeds and Almonds:
Zinc, previously mentioned, is crucial in testosterone production. You think that’s important only to men? Nope, women also produce testosterone, but in much smaller quantities. So both genders can benefit by increasing the zinc in their diets. Sesame seeds and almonds are a great source of zinc. Add some to your diet to increase your libido.

• Garlic:
If both you and your partner are eating garlic, don’t worry about the bad breath, only worry you’re not eating enough! Garlic is touted for anti-coagulant properties and may aid in the prevention of heart disease and high blood pressure. All of these are beneficial to the circulation in general as well as perineal blood flow (circulation to the sexual organs). So the next time you’re at that Italian restaurant, ask for extra garlic.

• Red Wine:
An article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that 1-2 glasses of red wine each day increases lubrication and desire in women. The underlying reason may be related to quercetin, an anti-oxidant flavonoid. Quercetin may also help in interstitial cystitis and prostatitis, two conditions associated with painful sex. However, remember that too much of a good thing may work the opposite and cause sexual dysfunction, so keep the wine to no more than 2 glasses.

Now it’s time to look at the bad actors that can defeat all your good intentions. Here are some No No’s for sexual health:

• Red Meat:
Being a ravenous carnivore is likely to catch up with you, both sexually and from the standpoint of cardiovascular health. Red meat is loaded with cholesterol and saturated fat, two prime players in the development of hardening of the arteries. Hard arteries lead to narrowing and secondary restriction of blood flow. Guess what? What’s bad for your heart is also bad for your love life. Low blood flow down there means less excitement and fewer pleasurable moments. So limit the red meat and extend your love life.

• Excessive Alcohol:
Even though a glass of two of red wine can act like a stimulant, hard liquor and excess drinking of wine or beer can be disastrous in the bedroom. Excessive alcohol is a depressant leading to erectile dysfunction, particularly in men. As a depressant, it decreases sexual sensitivity. If you lose the feeling, the intensity of your orgasm may lessen as well. Alcohol can lessen inhibitions which can sometimes be a good thing. So, use common sense and keep those nerve endings twitching.

• Sugar and Fatty Foods:
Sugar and fatty foods wreak havoc on your blood vessels. It can come as a direct effect on the arteries or it can come indirectly through diabetes. Type 2 diabetes and sugar intake are directly related if you have insulin resistance. If the restricted blood flow that comes with diabetes and cardiovascular disease gets bad enough, the pleasure organs stop working. Do yourself a favor, shop eating refined sugar, sweets, and fatty foods. You and your partner both will increase the intensity and longevity of your love life.

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