How to Protect Your Skin from Old Man Winter

We all want that soft, velvety smooth touchable skin. But come Fall and now that it’s leading into Winter, that touchable skin is like, scaly. You know what I mean. Flaky to the max.


If you have recently peeled off your running tights only to find that awful blizzard of snow flakes flying through the air, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. You are not alone. Dermatologists say that dry skin is the number one complaint they see come wintertime. You may not know it but your skin is the largest organ of your body. So now you know why it’s so important that we Girls keep that organ healthy. Below are the five culprits that cause those familiar snow storms.

Cuddling Up in front of the Fireplace
On those cold winter nights sitting by a fire is cozy, but it’s also dehydrating. So let’s hydrate that big organ with something. A rich moisturizing lotion is the choice and acts like a great barrier protecting your skin from the drying effects of the heat.. With it’s protective and sealing powers, lotion will add a defense and your skin will glow with delight. So let’s add this protection and keep your skin from dying of thirst.

Wearing Your Fav Wool Sweater
We all love our sensuous sweaters but our skin screams differently. Wool and the friction that comes with it can irritate the skin. Instead of wearing that wool adjacent to your skin, try layering. Why not try a cotton T-shirt underneath the wool for the next football game? How about a sexy silk cami beneath that scratchy wool for those date night dinners out on the town? Either way, your skin will thank you as you look marvelous.

Spritzing Your Fav Signature Parfume
We all have our very “own” signature parfume. You know, the one that when you wear it, your other half goes nuts. Well, check the ingredient listed on the box. Most likely it will contain alcohol. This is extremely drying and sucks any oil away from your skin. An alternative is to spray a bit on your clothes. You need to be careful though as staining may occur. Instead, check to see if your spray comes in a lotion. Believe it or not, it last longer and yes, the other half will still go nuts!

E-Mail, Facebook YIKES
Now this is something I’m sure we’re all guilty of Girls, resting the ole laptop on your legs. Have you ever heard and felt that little fan blowing out hot dry air? This heats up your skin and can also cause irritation. Place a pillow underneath that laptop to protect your skin and keep those lovely legs…….well, lovely! They will thank you for it dearly.

Taking a Dip in the Hot Tub
Ah yes, on a cold winter night, who hasn’t taken a dip in the hot tub? GUILTY GIRLS! The chlorine and heat equal double trouble for dryness. So save your skin from that double whammy and skip the whirlpool.

Water Water Everywhere
Ok, I have to say the obvious, keep hydrated. Your skin can’t be plump and wrinkeless without the H2O. Drink, Drink, Drink!

Showering is Your Enemy
Make your shower shorter by cleansing and exfoliating at the same time. While exfoliating, you’re removing those snow flakes and allowing a deep cleansing. A moisturizing body wash is a lot gentler on your skin but is still as effective as those harsh body bars. Also, switch your shampoo. Use one for color-treated hair. The milder formula is less drying on your hands, neck, and back. Lastly, don’t linger under the spray no matter how tempting it is on a frigid day. The water dries your skin  especially if it’s hard water. If you need help on this one, set a timer for 10 minutes or less and get out as soon as it goes off.  After your shower, lock in the moisture by patting yourself dry with a soft towel rather than rubbing. Then grab your fav lotion and soothe it all over your skin. Don’t miss your back, it needs TLC too. If you can’t reach, ask your other half to help. Hummm, you can take it from there.

Try a few of these tips this Winter and the largest organ you own will love you.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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