Guide for Packing Lightly for a Weekend Getaway

Here in the islands, planning a wonderful weekend getaway with your girl friends can be difficult. Packing can be a total nightmare; we all know that especially with the airline restrictions on baggage.  So how can we escape to that neighbor island and beat the system that wants to charge you an arm and a leg if you’re over that ridiculous weight restriction?  A duffle bag is ideal and not that huge suitcase—OMG, how in the heck are you going to do that? Ok, so here’s your help guide for getting you on your merry way to a well planned weekend. You don’t want to miss out on your daily workouts; you want retail therapy; and of course you want those lovely evenings of drinkie poo’s and fantastic food. Versatility is the name of the game when packing lightly.

Here’s some suggestions when packing for this awesome well deserved getaway.
• Makeup bag—Check!
• Accessories, such as that cross the body bag you love and jewelry that will take you from afternoon into evening—Check!
• Over the knee boots since this is the hottest look coming from Fashion Week—Check!
• Strappy black heels, always a staple in your closet—Check!
• Long black cashmere skirt—Check!
• Charcoal gray vintage scoop neck T shirt—Check!
• Light grey silk sweater that’s so easy to drape over the shoulders for those cool afternoons—Check!
• Silk Brocade Scarf that travels everywhere you go—Check!
• Turn It On Speed Pant in Seattle Skies—Check Check!
• Paleo Top in Starless Night—Check Check!

So here’s the plan: You’re going to that fabulous destination you’ve always wanted to visit. You’re in your Knockout Top and Ace Skirt from Turn It On® for the trip. Along with this outfit, you’re wearing your super duper tennis shoes that are so comfortable for traveling, yet great on the courts. Upon your arrival, your room isn’t ready, so you decide to play a round of tennis. You’ve worn the perfect outfit anticipating this. Grab your tennis racquet and head to the court! No wasted time or skipping a beat while on this weekend jaunt. You look fab and you won all sets! What more can a girl ask for? Now, it’s time for that long awaited massage. Oh it feels so good.


Ok, so now you’re beat.  Exhausted may be a better description!  Head back to your room to shower.  Rinse out the Ace Skirt and Knockout Top and hang them to dry.  Suddenly everyone is gathered in your room with cozy robes and cocktails in hand before dinner.  This is where the fun begins!  Laughter fills the air, Girl Talk is going at top speed as you sip those lovely drinks.  As the last drop is gone, everyone breaks to their rooms and you are ready to dress for the evening.  You slip on the Speed Pant in Seattle Skies and the Paleo Top in Starless Night.  Add your over the knee boots and accessories and you’re ready to join up with the rest of the gang for a long and glorious evening. What a great time that night—cocktails, dinner and reminiscing the night away, all the while looking like a rock star!

IMG_5446-Edit compressed

Speed Pant and Paleo Top

The next morning you’re up early because you don’t want to miss out on anything.  You want to start the day with a work out, then go shopping and later have cocktails and dinner at one of the restaurants a friend told you about.  The restaurant in her words, “It’s to die for”.  So what’s the plan?  Spinning class at 9:00 am sounds good, so you slip on your Speed Pant and the Paleo Top from the night before and add your tennies.  After a great workout, you’re ready for some retail therapy. We all know girls are great at that!  So you go back to the room, shower, and slip on the T shirt, Ace Skirt in Starless Night, that light sweater thrown over your shoulders and the over the knee boots.  Ready, set……SHOP till you DROP!

IMG_4565 c ompressed

Ace Skirt in Starless Night

Whoa, it’s 4 o’clock and your list of “have to have’s” is complete.  All is done and the damage—well, you won’t talk about that.  This calls for a nice bubble bath and candles to celebrate.  Afterwards, you all gather for the final evening of drinks in those nice cuddly robes, talk about your day of shopping, your strong workouts in the gym, and finally you toast to your friendship.  Dressy is the word for tonight’s attire.  You’ve packed like a true fusionista by fusing fitness and fashion in your wardrobe.  You reach for that lovely long black cashmere skirt that you haven’t worn for a while.  You pull out the Knockout Top in Starless Night, some strappy heels, that great silk brocade scarf and accessories.  Everyone loves your outfit and you feel like a million bucks.


Knockout Top in Starless Night

A fabulous night was had by all. And yes, your girlfriend was right about that restaurant–it was to die for. The next morning you’re up early and decide to get just one more game of tennis in before checking out. You bring out the Knockout Top from last night and the Ace Skirt from the shopping bonanza yesterday, you put on your tennies and your set. And that’s exactly what you did, you won all sets!
It’s time to check out and head home. What a great weekend! You lived it to the max and the packing was simple thanks to the crossover convenience of your Turn It On® styles mixed with your closet. Next year—same time, same place!

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West
Founder of Turn It On Fitness
Fitness Wear for “Every Wear”

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