How to Buy a Jacket

It’s so easy to find that “right” jacket isn’t it?  Wrong!  How do you go about selecting, sizing, and purchasing?  Let’s give you our take on purchasing a jacket.

Start by deciding if it’s seasonal or not.


                                            Reformer Jacket by Turn It On Fitness

What season are you looking to use it in?  If it’s summer, there’s a completely different mindset than using it in fall, winter or spring.  Once you decide which season(s) you’ll wear it, move on to why you want it.  Do you want it for function or fashion?  Once you’ve decided that, it’s much easier to narrow down the choices of materials, colors, style, price and where you might find it.

Non Seasonal (all year around)
This is a much easier decision path than the seasonal jacket.  An “All Season” jacket of this category must be a Jack of All Trades.  It has to be light enough to wear on a summer evening, but be heavy enough to hold up to a windy cold blustery day.  That may sound like an oxymoron, but there are some jackets that can do it.  It’s almost always related to the fabric(s) that are used and their weights.  Only medium weight fabrics can fill the category of an “All Season” jacket.

Now you’ve narrowed down the seasonal thing.  Let’s see what’s next.  Are you looking for function or fashion?

Functional jackets perform for one reason or another.  If it’s a sporting function, the jacket will have certain attributes that are extremely specialized.  Only when you narrow it down to the sport involved will you be able to focus your search to the website or store that can help you.  You rarely find them in general merchandise.  If it’s a jacket for work function, durability is number one while style rarely comes into play.  Once again, general merchandisers will only have limited selections, and you’ll have to go to a specialty retailer, similar to sports related jackets.  Sometimes it’s fun to have a bright fluorescent color in a functional jacket, but most often, color is way down the list of priorities if your serious about the functional aspect of the jacket.

Now we’re talking Girls!  Ok, so my weekend lawn mowing jacket isn’t so chic, but you know we’re going to make up for it on that Friday night out!  Remember we started with Seasonal or Non Seasonal?  Well, when it comes to fashion, the seasons are king (or should I say QUEEN!).  Colors dominate the decision.  All year colors like black are easy to deal with.  It’s the trendy seasonal colors that make the decision hard.  You can go with the color that’s trending that season or you can go with what suits your particular tastes.  If you’re lucky, the trending color will be one that looks Oh So Good on you even before it was trending.  True fashionistas make their own trends and decide what they want in style and color.  It may include those seasonal colors, but someone who steps out, and I mean steps way out, doesn’t look at others.  You have to decide where your personality fits into this color thing.  It’s a lot more fun stepping out of your comfort zone.  Try it once and you may get hooked.

OK, now we’re onto style.  What is style?  There is no good definition of style despite the fact the word is used so often, particularly in fashion.  Style is whatever appeals  to you.  One person’s stylish dress may be someone else’s God Awful Nightmare.  For sure the fashion editors try to tell us what is “in style”, but guess what?  That’s their opinion.  Many do a great job of leading us to the newest style but most are just followers of the true fashion mavens.  So decide who is that true fashion maven and follow them to see what’s “in style”.  You should be your own 
connoisseur of fashion.  Be a follower or be a leader.  Remember the old saying, the view never changes if you’re a follower.

Now you also have to decide if you want “classic” or “trending” style.  Once again, it’s what’s in that little noggin of your’s that tells you which is most appealing.  If you’re not sure, pick something that is in between classic and trending.  Playing it safe?  That’s OK, better safe than sorry.  You may want to ask your significant other and close friends what looks best on you.  Do this only if you’re willing  to listen.

Price is easy when picking a jacket or any apparel.  You can either afford it or you can’t afford it.  There is a third option, you can’t afford it, but you buy it anyway!  Seriously, price is dictated by several factors.  The most important one is quality.  You get what you pay for is so true.  You pay for the quality of the fabrics, trims, designer vs. look alike, and imported (depends on the country) vs. Made in USA.  Durability is closely related to quality and pricing (in most cases).

So when picking a jacket, try prioritizing  all these factors and figure out the one that’s right for you.

One that’s right for me is one that combines so many of these choices all into one.  It is non seasonal and offers warmth in the winter but can be worn on a summer eve, has trending colors and style but is classic in design at the same time, is designer vs. look alike, has high quality fashion feel fabrics with a silky hand feel but also has 4 way stretch and moisture wicking for performance, has fashion runway quality trims, is Made in the USA, and is moderately priced.  OK, hold your breath, it’s the Reformer Jacket from Turn It On Fitness  Truly remarkable in design, feel, price and function.

IMG_6022-Edit compressed

Turn It On and Look Fab!  with the Reformer Jacket by Turn It On Fitness

Juetta West

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