How to Begin Your Day for the Rest of Your Life

Good morning Girl Talk! It’s time to rise and shine and get yourself ready to be your best for today and the rest of your life. Today, we’re going to talk about breakfast.  Remember what our parents use told us:  “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well guess what? They were right again. Whether you prefer eggies, yogurt (Greek) or oatmeal, getting a healthy breakfast under your designer belt sets the tone for achieving your weight loss goals and maintaining the physique we all strive for. Our goal should be weight control via fewer calories and mindful planning of our diet.  We can do it if we set our goals and go for it. So let’s talk about that first meal of the day.

Research shows that people who start their day with breakfast make healthier choices and have a lower body mass index in general. Now that’s a good thing for us Girl Talkers, a low BMI! Skipping breakfast can cause us to end up in the disaster zone. Studies have shown we tend to eat more during the day if we skip breakfast. Some people think “if I don’t eat breakfast I can splurge later in the day”. NOT! Here’s the reality. On the physiological level, your breakfast choices–or lack of them—can set off a cycle of cravings and blood sugar spikes that spell disaster in maintaining your health if they aren’t correct. Instead, start your day with some type of protein, a splash of carbs, some fiber and fruit. These selections will aid in sustaining that full feeling and help you to avoid snacking between meals. Selecting the right breakfast may feel like a science project—you know, trial and error. But once you find the right breakfast options that suit your diet and taste buds, make sure you plan ahead so that these foods are on hand when you want them. This helps you stick to a healthy breakfast routine that will last a lifetime. Fueling your body correctly takes you through a busy day without skipping a beat. Think out of the “breakfast box”!

Whole Grains—Whole grains are an excellent breakfast choice because they keep you feeling full. According to a dietary study that compared feelings of satisfaction between people who ate a hot whole-grain cereal for breakfast and those who ate refined wheat bread showed that those who ate the whole-grain breakfast reported feeling less hungry over the following eight hours than the comparison group.  Steel cut oats is an excellent choice.  Oats are a great source of soluble fiber.  They help to reduce cholesterol and keep our blood sugar levels steady.  Straight from farm to your boiling water.  Add some fresh fruit and you are on your way for a great day.

Eggies— A study of people between the ages of 25 and 60 who were trying to lose weight found that those who ate two eggs for breakfast lost 65 percent more weight than those who ate bagels and they also reported having higher energy levels throughout the day. Eggs give a long lasting feeling of fullness that is great to stave off that nagging craving for snacks.  Eggs aren’t as bad as we have been led to believe, but it is a wise choice to see your doctor before embarking on a breakfast with eggs.  And remember, you can always just eat the egg whites which are pure protein.

Avoid Sugar— Eating doughnuts, breakfast pastries, and sugary cereals may begin a cycle of cravings that leads to blood sugar spikes and dives that can undermine your efforts. These tempting delights are empty calories and have no redeeming value. No matter how you cut it, AVOID THE SWEETS! If you have to, just eat the crumbs that are left on the someone else’s plate. Sugars and a healthy lifestyle just don’t go hand in hand.

Skip the bacon and sausage— While you don’t need to fear the nitrites used for curing meats (old myth debunked), you should fear the saturated fats and salt in bacon and sausage.  An alternative would be to include cold cured salmon as a protein source in your breakfast.  Generally this type of salmon is simply “baked” in a coating of salt.  The salt is then washed off and the cold curing is complete.  While there is a generous amount of salt in this salmon, it is an excellent source of protein without saturated fat.

It’s so simple to start your day off with a clean healthy breakfast. Just grab a cup of joe and the right fuel for breakfast, and you will be the one saying “Life is Good”! Now go out and make it a wonderful day!



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