Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

For years I’ve been asked “what’s your healthy lifestyle secrets? How do you do it?”

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

There is no secret, there is no magic pill and there is no such thing as losing weight while watching TV. Healthy lifestyle secrets are like everything else—hard work and persistence—-but it has to be proper hard work. There are different recipes for losing weight, getting fit and getting healthy. What works for your BFF is almost guaranteed not to work for you. You’re different, unique in your own way, and that uniqueness is what makes your healthy lifestyle secrets so different than anyone else’s. I don’t believe in crazy juice diets, grapefruit diets or any other craze out there.  They are just that, crazes. Some can even be dangerous.  Don’t think there’s a quick fix. So get them out of your mind and instead, focus on revising all aspects of your life: diet, exercise, mental health, stress relief, and making yourself happy.  It’s all about a lifestyle change and incorporating consistency into your life. Be true to yourself and those healthy lifestyle secrets will appear naturally.

My Suggestions to Help You Find those Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

1. Set yourself a REASONABLE goal and go for it with all your might.
2. Anything extreme is not long-lasting……PERIOD  It will set you back before it will ever move you forward.
3. Find a practice that you love. It’s easier to commit to something when you love it. Trust me on this one.
4. Doing something little every day can help you get a hold of your health and your
fitness goals. Each day, move forward slowly. As you get stronger, push yourself more and you’ll start seeing results.
5. The old saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a women healthy, wealthy
and wise”, is so true. Well, I not sure of the wealthy—but I”m focused on
the healthy and wise part anyway! Your mind, body and soul all
need proper sleep to rejuvenate and prepare for that next fabulous day.
6. Empower yourself with a positive attitude in all aspects of your life. This in
itself is a miraculous gift that will take you miles.  Wake up each day and make that first thought a positive one!
7. If you don’t succeed the first time, try, try again! Never give up.  Don’t be a quitter.  Take one day at a time and each day you’ll see a small change.  If you look for big changes quickly, you will only be disappointed.

So the next time someone asks me the healthy lifestyle secrets, I’ll start off by telling them my foundation: passion, positivism, perseverance, practice, determination and faith. That’s what drives me along in this beautiful thing called life!  Try it, you might like it!

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