Happy Thankgiving

On a cold day in 1621, early English settlers now known as Pilgrims and a group of Indians gathered around a table and shared a crude meal to give thanks for the first successful harvest in the newly colonized New England.


Flash forward several hundred years and we as Americans celebrate this holiday every 4th Thursday in November. This special day has become a time for families to gather far and wide and enjoy each others company while dining on wonderful recipes that one way or another become favorites in each family. There isn’t much in common with that first Thanksgiving Feast 390 some years ago, but the theme of this special day is still alive and well. We gather to give thanks for all of the good fortune, good health and whatever wonderful things have come our way in the previous year.

There will be much fanfare and bustling about in the coming days for all of us, but it is my hope that each of you will stop, even if just for a minute, on Thursday to sit back and realize just how lucky we are and how truly thankful we should be. In the midst of a faltering economy, war ravaging in other countries and social conflict, there are two things that cannot be taken away from us: our family and the belief that we still live in the most prosperous, free and fortunate country in the world.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family that loves me unconditionally and allows me to be who I am without casting any fault or judgment upon me. I am also incredibly lucky to have a team, Turn It On Fitness, that I call family and that I count on to come to work every day and do exactly what is needed of them and beyond. Our hours are long, the work is tough, but we all unfailingly find a way to succeed at it every single day, no matter what is taking place in our personal lives. We deliver excellent quality, great customer service and get to know “you” the customer in oh so many ways. Turn It On is truly my family and on this Thanksgiving Day, I will pause and give thanks for each of you and the challenges we accomplish together.

As for my blog readers and valued customers, wherever this Thanksgiving takes all of you, I wish you all safe travels, good times, lots of smiles and the hope that you all truly enjoy the gifts of this season.

Whatever your faith or whoever your God is, it is my hope that He blesses you, keeps you and makes His face shine upon you. To all our valued customers and to the Turn It On team, Happy Thanksgiving from me.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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