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When women come up to me and say “I need to get in shape”. They ask me what my secret is for toned and lean muscles and always having a positive energy-force going on. I begin to tell them, but it seems I’m always cut off. They begin by saying things like “gym memberships are expensive, I don’t have the time, or only rich people have the time to get in shape”. I guess I look at it differently.  I would rather pay for a gym membership than to pay for some pill to keep me going and for a physician’s appointment. It takes a lot to disengage my mouth from my brain and let them know my real thoughts about their excuses! My mind says “quit making excuses. Start a program and see the benefits before telling me all the ridiculous reasons why you can’t.” So guess what? Here’s my explanation of why those excuses don’t make sense. And please, don’t interrupt me!

Get In Shape #1

It does not take money to put on your tennis shoes and go for a walk to get in shape.

Get In Shape #2

It does not take money to go hiking on a nearby mountain or hill to get in shape.

Get In Shape #3

It does not take money to choose the salad with dressing on the side versus the hamburger with fries to get in shape.

Get In Shape #4

It doesn’t take money to use milk jugs as weights to get in shape. Just add water as you improve your lifting.

Get In Shape #5

No time to get in shape? Why not give up a half hour of television each day and exercise instead?

It is all about attitude. When I work out, I am happier, healthier and have a higher life-force energy. It’s amazing how exercise takes your mind and body to a different level. Using economic and time issues is just an excuse that keeps you in a state of feeling less than beautiful and energetic. In my eyes, all women are beautiful. We just have to learn how to style our curves and soften our edges. It’s all about a belief system. If you believe that you have to have lots of extra money to work on your fitness and diet and to get in shape, then that becomes your reality.  It’s so simple to make the commitment and then that is the new reality.

So if you’re not where you want to be and decide you want to get in shape, I sincerely hope that you decide to love yourself and make that change in your core belief system that enables you to do what you and I both know is right.  So the next time I say to you “You Are Ageless” believe it, but it doesn’t come without effort.

Get In Shape

Get In Shape

Turn It On and Look Fab

Juetta West

Here’s a couple of ways to start:

Try this one also:

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