Get Fit and Workout in Your Closet

I’ll bet you thought this post was about working out in your closet.  Well it might as well be because what I’m about to talk about is tougher than any workout you’ll ever do.


Closet Clutter

closet clutter

Spring is just around the corner and for most of us that’s a very welcomed thought. Besides welcoming the baby birds-a- chirping, snow melting and mud gracing our walkways, comes no better time than to get your wardrobe in check. It’s not fun, and I would rather poke my eyes out than to arm myself with boxes to fill and hangers to take to the recycling joint. However, please grab a pencil and paper, put the buds in your ears and let’s go for it. What gave me the idea for this blog was one of my workout sista’s entering our workout the other day looking like she just won The New York Marathon. In reality she had just finished the unmentionable–Spring Cleaning her closet. She bagged up belts, shoes, handbags, skirts, shirts, pants and took them to the Women Helping Women’s Store. So with her joyful glee from purging her closet, and with a little added research, here are 5 reasons to please do a closet cleaning workout. Closet, here I come!

You have more shoes in your closet than contacts in your cell phone.

If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. If you hide your shoes in the back of your closet, you will continue to wear the same 3 pairs over and over again. Even out your playing field and show yourself all the options. Let some of the older ones get some air. Let them move to the front of the line. More is not always merrier, at least when it comes to your footwear. So get rid of them if the heel is missing, the sole is off, the color has been taken off the Pantone charts or you haven’t worn them in years. It’s time to say good-bye to an old friend and to make room for that pair of OMG shoes you’ve been eyeing for months.

You haven’t put a pair on in at least two years, but you’re planning on wearing them—-eventually!

Most of us are guilty of this point. Experts say, “if you haven’t worn it in two years, it’s time to pull it, fold it and take it to your local second hand shop. Let’s face it, at the time you bought a pair for that perfect dress, but the dress is long gone and the shoes ONLY went with the dress…..get rid of them. However there are two reasons to reconsider: 1. If it’s investment grade, like that Judith Leiber bag, then it’s a forever love and keep it anyway.  Maybe some Christian Louboutins? 2. If it’s vintage, the the pair will last forever, and hopefully one day be in a museum. So with hesitation I think you should say bye, bye to those which serve no purpose and haven’t in years.

Your Wardrobe physically doesn’t fit into your closet.

Ok, I’m laughing at this one. I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all thought about going out and investing in a rolling rack for the clothes that just won’t fit in your closet. When you can’t squeeze one more jacket, coat or blouse into your closet, it’s def time to dig deep and stop reminiscing about how great you looked in it 10 years ago on that fabulous date with that fabulous guy who is no longer in your life! If your closet is spilling over like a full glass of water, girl, it’s time.

You can’t find what you need in 20 minutes.

Do you find yourself wasting tons of time hunting for your favorite floral skirt that Aunt Mini bought you? It simply might be because your closet just isn’t organized properly. Try storing your clothing by category—tops, dresses, and jackets—to make your search easier. Now this suggestion has really helped me lots! I even go one step further. I then arrange by colors. My husband will disagree on this, but by better organizing my closet, it’s help me reach the “20 minute rule” limit.

You have 32 Tee Shirts and whatever else…and counting

I’m so guilty of this one. I love T’s, I can dress them up or play them down for whatever occasion pops up. Add a scarf, great ears, necklace and that look can take me almost anywhere these days. However, I probably buy an unhealthy amount of one item in particular—like striped shirts, T’s, sneakers or black pants. Seems like you think if you search for the perfect version that screams I look FAB, you will look so much better. I totally get it, but it’s time to address the issue. If you have more than five of the exact same piece, you need to edit–bye, bye. Try everything on, and only keep your favs.

OK now, time to clean the closet…..again? I thought I already did that!

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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