Denim Meets the Ace Skirt

Now that Spring is in full force and soon June 21st will usher in the first day of Summer, it seems I’m right in the middle of “jacket or no jacket” days! Denim is on-trend this year as many years past and it’s AH-mazing how doable it is with any fashion item you have in your closet. I love to wear my denim jacket with skirts, since skirts are what’s on the radar for Spring and Summer. Turn It On Fitness has a unique skirt, the ACE Skirt, which is my choice of skirts when I’m out and about.

Ace Skirt Tweety Denim

Ace Skirt Tweety Denim

I pair it with a great relaxed blue and white stripped shirt, a pair of “Bling” sandals, silver chain belt and of course my denim jacket with my all time fav cartoon character Tweetie Bird on the back. This look takes me ‘every wear’ all day long, looking great as I check off errands from my to do list. And, if by chance my husband calls and wants to meet for dinner at the local bistro, I’m there in a flash changing only the color of my lipstick!  And if per chance my girlfriend calls and wants to play a round of tennis, I slip on my tennies and a tennis top, and I’m on the court in a flash.  Versatility and convenience…..that’s the Ace Skirt.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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