Daily Protein Requirement – 5 Tips for Women

Your Daily Protein Requirement was the topic of conversation the other day.  I was hanging out with my BFF waiting for a charity fashion show, when someone asked “what’s the best way to achieve my daily protein requirement”?

Daily Protein RequirementHonestly, I knew how much I needed for my daily protein requirement to fuel my engines for workouts and my active day, but I didn’t know the rule of thumb for women’s daily protein requirement.  So I did a bit of research for my fabulous friends. It’s common knowledge that protein is a magic ingredient when it comes to everything from building muscle to maintaining beautiful hair and skin. Naturally, health food marketers have also taken note by packing up to 30 grams of protein into a single nutrition bar or a shake. But just how much of that fulfils your body’s daily protein requirement and how much is actually being absorbed? Is too much protein bad for you?  Here’s the answers girls!

Daily Protein Requirement – 5 Rules to Follow to Perfect What’s Right for You:

1. Base your daily protein requirement on your body and no one elses.

Age, activity level, and your size will affect your daily protein requirement. The standard recommendation for your daily protein requirement is an intake of 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight.  That works out to about 50 grams of protein for the average-sized young gal (140 pounds).  Just be sure to increase that amount if you’re hitting back-to-back Barry’s Boot Camp classes. My research says 50 grams is about right for your daily protein requirement if you’re not very active, 75 grams if you’re moderately active, and 100 grams or more if you’re very active and want to gain muscle mass. In a nut shell, be honest with yourself when determining your daily protein requirement.  Evaluate your day to day activities, your size and your age. This will help you determine your daily protein requirement.

2 . Don’t eat more than 30 grams of protein in one meal.

Now this one is a bit shocking to me. You might be tempted to just squeeze as much protein as possible into every meal.  Guess what?  More isn’t always better. Studies have shown that only the first 30 grams consumed in a meal contribute to building muscle.  Consuming more could backfire. Unlike starch or glucose, we have no storage form of protein. Once you go beyond the amount that you can absorb in one sitting, protein will turn into fat stores. I’m gasping on this one girls. Who would have thought too much protein would turn into fat?

3. Instead, space it out.

Protein is slow to absorb.  You may feel sluggish if you eat too much at one meal. Spreading out your daily protein requirement over many meals throughout the day will allow better absorption and less of that full feeling. This is the beauty of protein—it takes its time getting assimilated. That’s why protein keeps us satiated . Think of protein as a time released medicine. Tick, Tock, Tick , Tock! Slow but sure is how it is absorbed.

4. Pick smoothies over protein bars for better absorption.

Research has shown whole foods are best.  However if whole sources of protein aren’t available (fish/meat), then look for an “on-the-go” protein alternative. Dry and processed protein bars are dense and harder on the digestive system. I find a protein smoothie to be ideal.  Whip out your Nutribullet or head to a smoothie bar. The best absorption for your daily protein requirement is a protein powder, such as whey protein. Mix it with liquids for rapid absorption. For me, shakes are the best. When I’m finished with my workout, I measure out my whey protein into a portable shaker and add water.  Shake, Shake, Shake–Viola, your portable daily protein requirement in a flash.

5. Pay attention to the source.

Like all of your food sources, you want your protein to be as clean as possible. People often don’t pay attention to protein quality. What can give protein a bad rap is when the source is factory processed meat or conventional dairy.  Preservatives and antibiotics are not clean sources for your daily protein requirement.  Avoid them.  For me, I want clean and “get the job done” protein powder.  Purity and quality counts in every food decision I make before it goes into my body. Don’t put water in your gas tank!

Here’s to all of you fabulous gals in your quest for the perfect daily protein requirement!

For more information on daily protein requirements:

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