Bow Tie Breakdowns

This week starts off and Sandro is in full meltdown. He and Ken resume their weekly (daily) cat fight, and then Sandro attacks Helen. All this because of some unknown infraction. After some fingers flying, Sandro leaps up and storms out of the room. He knocks over a mannequin, and pulls down something off the wall. Leaving the building we have a full Sandronado complete with pushing, shoving, and hitting the camera (the ultimate sin), and storming off, leaving a wake behind him.

36 hours earlier we are introduced to this week’s Guest Judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and challenge to make a dress out of bow ties. Not exactly a ground breaking challenge, but at least it supports a great cause, marriage equality. something I support and am happy to see “Project Runway” support as well and use their platform to make a difference.



But, the garments…

This season has some talent, and it has a lot of characters. Nothing too exciting happens at Mood, with the exception of Sue spending $400 at Mood— although I don’t think that she is going to be around long enough to get into a tight spot.

As Tim comes in for his critique we see Dom is responding well to the challenge. As per usual she’s calm, focused and of good cheer. I don’t think this look is ground-breaking, but I don’t see any problems ahead with this one. Jeremy is yet again doing a pant outfit. While I like Jeremy, this, of all challenges speaks of diversity. Plus what he’s describing, and showing looks…old. He’s off his game a bit. But I understand—when I was on “PR All Stars” my husband’s grandmother passed away. Even though I live very near NYC, I felt very cut off, listless and unhappy. Honestly though, I do question why he had to bring it up at every critique. Whether Zac, Nina or Tim Gunn said, “It looks very matronly,” Jeremy retorted, “My gran died.” Just admit, yes it looks matronly, and move on.

Interestingly he foretold his own passage to the next round. Might he, like Bradon (predictor of the challenge) really be witches? Or just have the ear of someone in production?

Bradon is doing his typical well thought out approach to the challenge. I am surprised that he is the only one creating a textile out of the ties. I would think this would be the obvious thing to do.

Ken to me has just been fodder. Neither in the top, but there always seems there’s someone worse in the work room. I don’t see him staying long once the “should never have been there in the first place” designers leave.

Which brings us to Miranda. She should never have been here in the first place. Extremely limited, she seems mentally fragile, and although she hasn’t had a breakdown yet this week, we’re only 30 minutes in. Her outfit looks both student and old. A jacket that at once looks like it shrunk, and exploded. And, wait for it…a pencil skirt. She clearly was not inspired by the bow tie and went to do the only thing she knows how to do. Helen, last weeks winner has returned to the same place she was the challenge before last. Lost, hopeless and poorly constructed. She does have time to critique, and guide others though…

Alexander, while his design is looking finished, it does have that signature of a costume designer, there’s just much, too much.

Sandro hasn’t had his tantrum yet. He’s working on some overwrought ballgown in pink with completely uncreative bowtie usage. Even if we hadn’t seen his head explode in the first 5 minutes of the show, you just know he’s not long for this world. “Project Runway” is a great place to define who it is that you are as a designer. But, you have to believe in yourself as a designer. For all “PR’s” faults, designers who placate the judges don’t go far. You never design for the judges, not if you’re a real designer.

Sandro start packing your bags.

Sue, oh come on. A black dress again with, what…bow tie webbing? It looks like a parachute harness, after it deployed, trailing behind her. How.In.The.World.Did.She.Get.Here.



Justin look was steady and subtle, but way too subtle. A good craftsman, he needs to step it up. Kate, the pants I like, although disagree with Nina about the fit being great. The top? Not so much. Sexy? Not at all.

I loved Karen’s design. I thought it was fresh, current and creative. I thought she nailed the styling and used a mix of prints to perfection.

Alexandria’s look was interesting and unique and was also a personal favorite to me. She seems to have an eye on what is current in fashion better then anyone else.

On to the runway. The Top were Kate, Bradon and Dom, but my choices were 1)Karen 2)Alexandria 3)Bradon or Justin. I thought Bradon did a beautiful top and utilized the bowties in a beautiful textile but the shorts and jacket looked so student-like. ustin’s look was chic and artfully crafted, but didn’t see the bow tie inspiration.

The Bottom were Miranda, Sue—those were no brainers. But Jeremy? I thought Helen should have easily replaced Jeremy. Just like there is a “Tim Gunn save” now, I believe there needs to be a “Tim Gunn immunity will not save you” once a season.

For the first time in “Project Runway” a “safe” contestant speaks out! And there’s the infraction. Sandro (it had to be him) called out from the back asking for a critique of his work. Bad move, but what did you expect? The judges are going to eviscerate you (Hey, I like historical fiction) if you speak up like that, and Zac does. I do understand, you create work every few days, and you want some response and that the silence is deafening. In typical Sandro fashion, it was rude, crass and professionally unbecoming. But, it is understandable.

Fights, crying and Helen breaks down.

Congrats! Bradon is the winner! And soon to be married evidently 🙂 I have to admit the skype conversation made me cry. No matter what happens this season, Bradon is a winner for having such an amazing relationship to come home to.

So it’s auf Wiedersehen to…Sandro? Though the bottom three did have stand, and rightly so for two of them, in shame, all safe. Well it does make sense, you can’t storm out of the show and expect to come back. Besides, “PR’s” overworked psychoanalyst staff probably called time on Sandro and his antics. So, Miranda, who finally has this week’s breakdown, and Sue, left to breakdown, and come up with mind numbing creations for another week.

Althea Harper



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