Ask The Colonel

Some people ask me as the founder of Turn It On Fitness, why I started a business at this stage in my life. I look back at one individual who exemplified the drive and passion that is necessary to start a business and make it succeed, despite starting later in life.

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders

That person is my son’s great uncle Harland Sanders, also known as Colonel Sanders. The Colonel started with his chicken franchising business at age 65 when others would be retiring. His determination as well as the focus and determination that I have had since a young age is what led me to begin TIO. When the idea came, I never thought, “Oh, I ‘m too old to do this”. Rather I look at age as something other people think about. I’m getting younger with every year. So the next time someone asks me why I started this business at this stage in my life, I’ll just say “Ask the Colonel”.

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