American Dreamers Radio Show with Turn It On Fitness

American Dreamers Radio Show is part of IHeartRadio.  In this segment (click here)
the podcast is featuring Turn It On Fitness.  Turn It On Fitness is a fashion fitness clothing line with styling and quality from the fashion runway fused into fitness apparel.  This unique fitness fashion line functions as high performance fitness wear, stand-alone fashion, lounge wear or travel wear.  Today’s woman will find versatility and time savings when using these styles.  Turn It On Fitness fuses runway styling elements such as asymmetry, color blocking, silhouetting, contour seaming and fashion quality trims and zippers with high quality fabrics. These fabrics provide the hand feel of fashion, yet are four way stretch, moisture wicking fabrics that dry 8 times faster than cotton.  It is this combination that provides the unique versatility of this line.

What’s This American Dreamers Radio Show Podcast About?

The only thing harder than finding great-looking fitness clothes is to establish a strong brand in the world of fashion. Just ask Juetta West, designer and owner of Turn It On Fitness. She’s taken her brand and her line of work to workout clothing straight to the consumer via the direct sales approach. Our co-host Ernie Dimalanta has some marketing opinions about that strategy.

What is American Dreamers Radio Show?

American Dreamers Radio Show is where you can hear the real stories of entrepreneurs and professional experts. Listen and learn how to overcome obstacles, solve problems, create new opportunities, and be wildly successful in your own business.  In this podcast segment, Sunho Donovan and Tom Tasset interview Juetta West, Founder of Turn It On Fitness.  American Dreamers Radio Show is a weekly IHeartRadio creation, so come and visit each Sunday!

American Dreamers Radio Show

American Dreamers Radio Show

Listen here to the podcast for a fun and informative discussion about fitness, fashion, marketing and branding.

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