ABC22/FOX45 In the Morning features Turn It On Fitness

We love when media gives us some exposure, but it’s usually the brand reaching out to the media hoping for some coverage.  It’s even better when the media comes to you seeking to do a story.  That implies the brand has something the public is interested in.

FOX45 In the Morning Video Featuring Turn It On Fitness and Project Runway All Star Althea Harper

When Turn It On Fitness was featured in the Dayton Business Journal recently it took some effort on our part to entice the DBJ to do a story on us because we’re a start-up.  Editors don’t want to stick their necks out writing about a company that isn’t proven.  However, we must have impressed the DBJ enough because Olivia Barrow of the DBJ name Turn It On Fitness “The company to watch in 2014” in their year end review.  She also named me among “the most interesting people interviewed in 2013”.  Fox45 television segment producer Donna Lavoie read the stories and recognized a unique story worthy of a segment on the channel’s Fox45 In the Morning Show.  She contacted Althea Harper, the designer of Turn It On Fitness, and suggested we do a segment explaining the Crossover Concept and the new workout line we’ve introduced.  Hallelujah Hallelujah! The media is coming to us.  “Fitness wear for every wear”!

As a start-up fashion fitness line, gaining access to many eyes across the nation and world can be expensive with little return on investment.  Most often, start-ups rely on word of mouth, social media and any press that happens along to advance the cause since these are free and don’t require resources other than time.

Let’s talk a bit about some of the decisions start-ups in the apparel industry face each day. In our business, inventory is both your friend and foe. Too much without sales will be a total loss of the resources that were used to pay for it, however too little can create dissatisfied customers if product isn’t available.  Just like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad.

So how beyond word of mouth and social media, how are we supposed to get noticed?   A marketing alternative is utilizing a PR firm.   Utilizing successful and proven public relations firms can have a double edge to it, windfall or nothing. If a PR campaign results in significant exposure, it can be a godsend.  However, it can outstrip your inventory and limit your return on investment in the PR firm and the rewards of that global exposure are lost.  If the effort by the PR firm and start-up don’t bear fruit, it’s the start-up that bears the cost of PR.  Like lots of things, averaging out the goods and bads will give you the real picture which may require a long term commitment to a PR firm.

Internet marketing is another shot in the dark.  How many of you have clicked on that sponsored ad at the top of the page on one of the search engines just because you think it’s what you want to look at?  Do you know that each of those clicks costs the sponsor some money?  Do your home work and look further down the page, and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for without driving up the cost of your purchase because the sponsor paid for a needless click.  Worse yet is the surfer who types in a nebulous search query only to get 2 billion responses.  Narrow down you search and you’ll be happier.

There are plenty of other marketing channels out there, and maybe I’ll spill some more later, but today, because of people like Donna Lavoie, Olivia Barrow, Beth Anspach and many more, it reminded me that I want to thank all of those that are spreading the word about workout clothes that aren’t really workout clothes at all, but rather are fashionable styles that also act as high performance athletic apparel.  Pretty cool, uhhh?  We think Turn It On Fitness has something truly unique in women’s fitness apparel.  Hope you do too!

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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