What’s Your Style?

Fashion is a funny creature. It’s always changing and it’s never predictable. Kind of like us girls! Whether you’re an expert in fashion or a novice hoping to learn a few things, we girlfriends understand the importance of fashion but also having some fun with it. So when asked about some fun fashion tips to step outside of the box, just say “fashion is all about you”. It’s not about someone else and it is something that is totally individualized. Fashion isn’t telling you how to dress. It’s saying “step outside of the ole comfort zone and celebrate YOU!”

So let’s look at how you might consider spicing up your fashion life. Note I didn’t tell you what to do. I said “consider” these little tips.

● Play Dress Up: Remember as a child going into your mother’s closet pulling out her high heels shoes and throwing on one of her dresses. Allow yourself to be a different character. Don’t lock yourself into one style. You never know, you might discover something that just might WOW you! Play with things that you would normally never put together. It’s fun and can take you back to those days of putting on lipstick when you were three.

● Looking Expensive doesn’t have to be Expensive: Have you ever picked up a great looking cuff, a top or shoes from one of those places that no one admits they go? OMG, we all have. So pull a look from a magazine that you love, zoom over to that unmentionable place and have at it baby. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look fab. Be resourceful. I love a good discount! So go ahead and fool em. It’s how you walk, how you put it together and how you act that fools other women into thinking those $4 diamond studs cost thousands.

What's your style

● Celebrate the things you love about yourself and stop worrying about the things you don’t: We all seem to focus on the negative parts of our bodies. Yep we all do. Let’s try focusing on the great things about your body, the things you love about yourself . We are all like snowflakes—each different in a delightful way. And guess what? Different is good you know. If you’ve got great eyes, focus on them. If you have a great decolletage make it the center of attention. By totally knowing you, it makes dressing and shopping just a bit easier. So celebrate your body and decorate it accordingly. Fabulous is fun!

● Stand out in a Crowd: Why would you want to blend in with everyone? Try something different. Wear bright colors, patterns and even glitter. Don’t you love glitter? I love it around the holidays especially. I spray it all over and for some reason I feel sexier. But don’t limit it to holidays. Glitter is glamorous no matter when you wear it. So try it you might like it!

● Treat Yourself Special: Allow yourself one splurge item every season. It’s important to do something extravagant for yourself every once in a while. But realize you may have to deal with the wrath of your other half. If you’re thinking “I’m not sure he would go for it” try this one: When he says, “oh is that new”? I say, “oh no, I’ve had this for awhile”. If you are a true Fashionista you know this drill.

Live it up Girls. Stretch the limit on your fashion sense. Play like there is no tomorrow. Pretend you’re on the runway and strut your stuff.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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