5 Ways to Beat the Flu and Keep Your Workouts Going

UGH, so the flu and cold season is in full force and everywhere you go someone is either sneezing or coughing. This Polar Vortex (what may I ask is that?) is drying out everyone’s skin, turning the most outdoorsy people into hermits which is just creating more and more sick people. Viruses love when we all hang out close to one another.


So I’ve decided to start with us Girl Talkers and say, lets fight the fever, squash the sniffles, put a crunch on the coughing and chase the body chills away. OK, do you need a clue? Along with healthy eating, daily exercise and these 5 suggestions, I hope to help you fight off the germs not only in the gym but anywhere you wander.

Here are a few items we probably know but they definitely need to be reinforced.

1. Wash your hands. And then wash your hands some more. My husband is always saying to me, say your ABC’s while washing your hands. Wash at least 20 seconds. You don’t have to be a germaphobe to know that skipping the sink is basically an invitation for viruses to spread. You may also want to toss a small container of alcohol-based hand sanitizer into your purse to get your mitts clean in a pinch. In the gym or studio, always remember when you’re finished to use the sanitizer gel on your hands to fight off those nasty bacteria. No sanitizer gel? Proceed to the rest room and start counting your ABC’s.

2. This is a huge one!!! AVOID others with the flu or colds. Sounds logical doesn’t it? Well guess what, if everyone followed this, the spread of these diseases could be arrested. We’re not telling you to be overly anti-social, but we are saying that even if your flu-laden Great Aunt Margie offers you her old Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, get a hold of yourself girl. Just tell her to hold it for a week or two. Too often, people fear hurting someone’s feelings by saying “Stay Away”. In the gym, if you see someone that has signs of a cold stay away and change your plan of action in your workout. There’s always another exercise, machine, or set of weights. Better to be safe then sorry.

3. Eat healthy. Choose fresh foods that are packed with flu-fighters such as vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc. We’re talking salmon, tuna, oranges, grapefruits, bell peppers, and green tea.  Also, drink lot’s of H2O.  Water keeps you hydrated when your temperature rises and is necessary for all bodily functions, particularly when you’re sick. These foods and plenty of water are your super heroes and the Flu Bug and colds run when they see them coming. When you travel to the gym for your daily dose of “good stuff immunity boosting exercise”, try to remember to take your own water container. There’s no reason sharing someone else’s germs at the water fountain. UGH. GROSS.

4. Stay well rested. ZZZZZZZZ’s can help the body repair, revamp and restart. I know your schedule is packed with work and party plans, but take a breather every now and again. Not sleeping enough puts extra stress on your body making you vulnerable to the flu and cold germs floating around. Really looking tired is not a good look for any of us, is it?

5. Go on a cleaning spree whether at home, office or even the gym. Always, always clean before and after using gym equipment, yoga mats and anything else that touches your beautiful, healthy body. Keeping your home and workspace clean is vital. Break out the Lysol wipes and get to scrubbing. Even throw away your toothbrush and get a new one. Those bugs love to hide in the bristles. Your flu-free self will thank you.

So I hope that these little changes in your life will keep the Flu and colds from knocking at your front door. If they do, remember this–Don’t Open the Door!!!!!! Stay well my beautiful YOU.

Turn It On and Look Fab,

Juetta West

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