Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Round two: design an outfit around a set of expensive jewels. Or the edited version: make a gown in a day.

After the designers select their jewels they head to Mood. They are given the debit cards filled with $4,000 but are given $300 as a suggestive spending allowance for this challenge. Well, that takes all the fun away! I thought we were going to see designers going crazy on the first few challenges and then become broke when they need the money the most. So far everyone spends wisely. Well except for Timothy, who seems to spend no money in collecting his fabric through the garbage can. Not exactly Nina’s advice to make sustainability more beautiful, but you have to respect the creativity.

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Immediately you would think this challenge plays into the hands of Bradon or maybe Alexandria. I mean for all the criticisms she’s throwing around, she better have some talent to back it up. Justin seems to handle the pressure well (Turning off your hearing aid has its benefits!). Helen, for all her “I look hard, but I do couture” talk seems hopelessly lost, and is having a difficult time making a bra cup. Kate, the returnee, has the makings of a very Marie Antoinette gown that I have to agree looks VERY Vivienne Westwood.

Personally, I like Jeremy. He has a good sense of whom he is as a designer, and is aware that he needs to “step outside of the box” on this challenge. Dom, (the jacket maker from last week) like Jeremy, knows her limitations as a designer, and similarly put her nose to the grindstone and gets to work, no drama.

Now for the drama, we have much to choose from.

There’s Sandro, who seems to have no interest in learning anyone’s name, just a distinctive characteristic. Last week Bradon was “Irish guy,” this week Alexander Pope is “Red Hair.” He has also taken issue with Ken (and some poor guy on production). I disagree with Alexandria that his “big mouth is a shield for his major lack of technical skills.” He has the skills—it’s the taste that is an issue and his big mouth just comes from being a jerk.

Sue is especially irritating this episode. When there are still 15 designers there are just not enough machines for designer. That means you have to SHARE—as in someone else can change the thread and when you want to use the machine again it is your responsibility to change it back. I am surprised Sue needs so much assistance as she is a “designer” and all designers get a day to learn the machines before the competition starts (Although usually no one ever needs help). I see her leaving the competition fairly soon.

Timothy (in the words of Tim Gunn), “Never in the history of ‘Project Runway’ has a designer been so self unaware.” I like Timothy. I truly do. He seem like he is a good person (Something that I still like to applaud). He does not bash others and he is passionate about sustainability, although a bit misguided. Witnessing the young man’s total bafflement at Tim’s critique, you just had to look at the pain in Tim Gunn’s face to see a young boy, so out of his element. I am rooting for Timothy but he is really going to have to step it up.

Onto the runway.

I sincerely doubt that the judges don’t know who created what garment. Tim Gunn has seen their work, and Zac Posen’s aside to Sandro about his need to learn how to use a steamer points to the judges knowledge of who created what, and the issues that the designers had.

Bradon, Justin, Jeremy and Alexander have solid entries, if not ground breaking.

Justin’s bottom was beautiful, but over all a little plain. I understand that it highlighted the jewelry but unfortunately we have learned that following the guidelines of a challenge do not always get you very far.

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I have written here in my notes that Jeremy’s design was beautiful, but now I cannot remember what it looks like. Not a good thing.

I don’t like the fabric selection for Bradon because all those sequins fight way to hard with the jewels. I really love the fluidity of Alexander’s dress but I thought the pop of yellow cheapened it a little and the shoulder were wayyy to structured for the dress.

Alexandria, who’s really got the ego of a finalist, and so far a middle of the road design is not really distancing herself from the pack. It was a boring design and was too short for a full length dress.

Ken and Karen’s designs are nondescript.

Sue did what she did in the previous challenge, only in black. Still not impressed. And Miranda made a frockshe’s never seen before, except if she remembered what she made yesterday, I mean last week.

So the highs, and lows were: Kate and her straight of the Vivienne Westwood runway creation. Although if it was a seamstress competition then she has my vote!. Dom put down a dress that looked so cheap, tacky and ill-draped to me that I could have sworn it would be on the bottom.

Sandro took a unique approach of a more fitted, and modern take on runway wear. I was happy to see some kind of dress that wasn’t a gown and although the waist was unfinished, it was still a favorite.

The bottom three were: Kahindo, helped greatly by Tim to hide an awful fabric choice. I appreciate that she didn’t deliver a generic gown and thought the camo-looking fabric was actually kind of a cool contrast to the jewels. Helen, the girl that screams couture, that can’t do couture. What a nightmare. And Timothy, who actually put together a pretty cool look. I disagree with Nina and love the racerback in front and agreed with Zac that the bottom of the dress was very interesting.

Surprise, Kate wins. Um, okay.

The bottom three, was a rich-target area. Helen cried how this is what she wants to be a couture designer who works in London, Paris and Milan. Well why are you here, on “Project Runway”? Why aren’t you busting your tail in Europe, or at least NYC? Shouldn’t “PR” be a finishing school? For designers have paid their dues? People that have put some time into being a fashion designer? Not just some girl who wakes up wants to be a “couture” (whatever that is in today’s fashion world) designer with the biggest commitment made is tattooing scissors on your neck?

Or the perennial bottom three dweller, Timothy.

Well, it was a no brainier—Kahindo must go home.




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