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At our last GNO,  we were all discussing fragrance and how it sets the mood for us fashionistas. I’ve never had a signature perfume until my BFF told me, “yes you do”.

pefumes for us all

Pefumes for us all

So, unbeknownst and certainly not thinking, I guess we all do.  She didn’t tell me, so I guess I’ll just keep wondering.  We continued on with how we all have a fav in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, but there’s always the good ole stand by that sits quietly ready for our reach and to get the spritz action going. As we continued talking, I also learned that once you spritz, grab the ole hair dryer, click it to cool and have the air hit where you just sprayed to blow off any alcohol. This action tends to lighten and freshen your fav perfume and prevents you from leaving a strong odor or causing others to choke and talk about you. The last tip we discussed was something I basically had never thought of. Now that it’s hot as blazes outside, you should think about protecting your fragrances from the heat which can make them go bad. My BFF puts her perfumes in the refrigerator.  I thought it was weird, but after thinking about it, it makes perfect SENSE. Extreme cold can be just as bad as extreme heat, so what she suggested was to place perfumes on the refrigerator door because the temperature isn’t as cold there.  There’s also a bonus to this: it feels cool and refreshing when you spritz it on your neck and pulse points. Happy Summer Spritzing!

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