11 Tips to Flatter Your Figure

While I always encourage embracing your body exactly the way it is, sometimes feeling like you’ve addressed an issue is the best way to boost your confidence.


And since skin-baring weather is right around the corner, I went ahead and gathered up the best style tips to address every shape or concern. So whether you’d love to have well sculpted arms like Madonna or a rear-end as bootylicious as Beyonce’s, read on for all our favorite figure-flattering tips. It’s all about fooling the eye with great design.

I Want:

A Bigger Chest

It seems women are super concerned about breast size. If your not in the mood to run out and get breast implants, try boosting the decolletage area with volume-enhancing details like embellished or ruffle tops. In the long run it’s less expensive and focus the eye in areas other than your cup size.

A Flatter Stomach

The infamous wrap dress created by Diane von Furstenberg comes to the rescue here for a flatter stomach. This dress has surpassed the test of time, 1974 to be exact, by wrapping around your middle section and accentuating the smallest part of your waist. The draped fabric also helps to conceal the stomach. Fabulous design!

Longer Legs

Sure, we would all like to have Gisele Bundchen’s long legs. However, most of us can’t, so let’s just deceive those baby blues the best way we can. One way to slim and lengthen your gams is to wear a single color pant that goes right down to your toes. Just make sure from ground up, nothing’s showing. Wearing boots gives this effect—however, the look doesn’t work well if your ankles are exposed. The skin fools the eye and breaks up the elongation we’re trying to achieve. Watch out, you may have Tom Brady knocking at your door!

A Shorter Torso

Make a long torso more proportional by pairing a cropped top with a midi skirt. You’ll create an illusion of leg-lengthening which will make your top half look smaller in comparison. If some of you feel shy or it’s just not your style showing your stomach, choose a high-waisted skirt, so only a sliver of skin is exposed. Whichever you decide on, you’ll look marvelous baby!

Smaller Hips

The best way to slim your hips is with a pair of your fav flared jeans. By adding volume at the hem it balances out wider hips. You can also get bonus points for pairing your flared jeans with a hip-concealing mid-thigh coat. Throw on a trench coat and even Francoise Hardy, the fashionable 60’s icon who loved trenches, would applaud you.

A Smaller Chest

Necklines that create an upside down pyramid pull the eye down to a narrower place, thus de-emphasizing the bust, just like pointed lapels draw the eyes downward in a similar fashion. Just be sure not to go too low, as this will only highlight the part you’re trying to downplay. I personally love the infamous V-neck. For me it gives my shoulders a bit more width and as the eye travels downward, it also creates the deception of a smaller waistline.

A Longer Torso

To lengthen a short torso, pair a crewneck top with a pair of low-rise pants, so your top half looks longer in proportion to your legs. Garments that hit at the hips, such as a tunic, will create the same effect. Add a pair of flats and you are good to go!

A Bigger Butt

Ok, for me to research this particular request took me off guard. I”m always searching out ways that can make a booty look smaller.  But(t) guess what?  Differences are what make the world go around.  There are some women with non existent flat butts.  You can fake a bigger booty with a pair of high-waisted jeans.  The top of the jeans fit around the slimmest part of your waist, which in turn makes your waist look smaller and rear look larger in comparison. So for those looking for a bigger butt, I hope this helps you. Cheers!

A Smaller Butt

Wide-leg pants can help minimize an ample rear end. The wide pant opening simply balances out the bigger bottom. You can get extra points for finding a pair with a wide waist band, which visually assigns the top part of your behind to your waist, thus making your butt look smaller overall.  I never really thought about a wider waistband for a smaller butt, but after writing this blog I hopped down to the store and tried a pair of these on—YEP it works!

Thinner Arms

The three-quarter length sleeve top works for thinner arms and will guide the eye to the exposed forearm, skipping over the larger upper arms. Extra tip: avoid cap sleeves and sleeveless items which will draw attention to the largest part of your arm. If you like your shoulders, try the Donna Karan look known as the cold shoulder. Combining these two suggestions gives you that sexy but classy look that’s great anytime.

A Thinner Waist

To capture this look try the “combo” treat. Shop for a dress that has a contrasting belt that specifically highlights the smallest part of your middle, along with a peplum bottom to balance out your top. You can’t go wrong with this look. A bit of shoe retail therapy for a 2 inch heel or higher will bring this look together, you fashionista.

So there you have it. All body parts are covered, revised and looking smashing. But then again, I still stick to my own motto: Embrace the body you have, because you are beautiful.

Turn It On and Look Fab!

Juetta West

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